Hey Cameron! It’s Spring…

Hey Cameron! SPRING 2013

Hey Cameron! SPRING 2013

Hello! Howdy! Hi! WELCOME to the Hey Cameron! It’s Spring… And I can’t think of a good title Edition. Once again, I apologize for the delay in preparing the latest Hey Cameron! blog; but, in my defense… it’s tough being 5. I have no idea how old Daddy really is; but, there’s a betting pool going on in Ms. Jennifer’s Montessori Class to discover the truth. I guessed 160 years old (which “SHOULD” have won the bet); however, this has stirred up a serious hornet’s nest debate in Pre-K. Indulge me for a moment. One of our classmates (who shall not be named – Jacob) bet “Dinosaur”, which technically isn’t an age. It’s an extinct animal (or whatever a dinosaur actually was) which means it is not even alive! Therefore, under Cameron’s Law of Reality, if a person is walking, talking, breathing amongst us, then they are NOT extinct and very much alive, which dinosaurs clearly don’t count! I just realized that I got off subject within the first 10 seconds of the blog. Sorry. Anyway… Greetings friends and family! And as they say in The Netherlands (Holland)… WELKOM!

Cooke Boys! (and Daddy) - SPRING 2013

Cooke Boys! (and Daddy) – SPRING 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break 2013

I couldn’t think of a good title for the Spring Edition of Hey Cameron! blog this time around, so I just went with the obvious lazy title. Hey Cameron! It’s Spring… And I can’t think of a good title Edition. The good news is that a LOT has happened since we last conversed with one another. Well, I write, and you read, so we’re not really conversing; but, let’s get started with another edition of mindless useless random entertainment for you to waste your day with shall we!

Goofy 1 and Goofy 2 [aka Cameron (5) and Jordan (3)]

Welcome to the Hey Cameron! blog [Spring 2013 Edition]

Welcome to the Hey Cameron! blog [Spring 2013 Edition]

First and foremost, I’d like to convey my sincerest apologies to “da ladies”  for missing Valentine’s Day a few months ago; but,  as you know… February 14th is overrated and you are ALWAYS on my mind and in my heart 361 days of the year. And YES, I’m well aware that there are 365 days in a year. The other 4 days are my birthday, Christmas, and then those ridiculous 2 days when we have Daylight Savings. Spring Forward? Fall Backward? It’s all VERY confusing. I’m very confused! Aren’t you? Not much room to think about anything else for a 5yr old. How does changing a clock by ONE hour in the day cause so much havoc? What’s up with that? I mean seriously? Are you kidding me? I was going to give Daylight Savings Time the “…Are You Kidding Me?” Award; but, I’ve got that award reserved for a MUCH more qualified candidate named Jordan.

Jordan Caleb [Spring 2013]

Jordan Caleb [Spring 2013]

Sure, he’s cute as all get out; but, Jordan doesn’t listen to Mommy and Daddy. Especially on the weekends! Well… I don’t either really; however, we’re not talking about me, cuz it’s my blog, and we’re focusing on Jordan getting in trouble right now… NOT me. Anyway, so Jordan decided that he didn’t want to take a nap. Daddy was less than happy. Ok, let’s not sugar coat it… Daddy was very upset and had steam coming out of his ears like on the Bugs Bunny cartoon. In fact, he put Jordan in timeout and made him clean up the playroom. After that, Daddy had him work on a jigsaw puzzle. There’s a rule at Cooke Casa – If it’s too quiet… something’s already gone wrong. Daddy and I went into the playroom to see what was going on, and Jordan had PASSED OUT in the middle of doing his puzzle! Bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha! Are you kidding me? It was too funny! Daddy took pictures. Lucky for Jordan, Mommy was kind enough to cover him up; but, the damage was already done. Daddy and I had a good laugh. Now you can too! Congratulations Jordan. You are the Spring recipient of the Hey Cameron! “…Are You Kidding Me?” Award.

Jordan Caleb PASSED OUT!

Jordan – The Spring 2013 “Are You Kidding Me?” Award

Mommy covered up Jordan (after he passed out)

Mommy covered up Jordan (after he passed out)

I’ve discovered that I have the mind of a 19yr old snowboarder, even though I’m in the body of a 5yr old boy; but, it’s really not that much different. The similarities are endless, even though I can’t drive a car, and I haven’t been to Kindergarten (yet). The key observation here is that we both like to quickly skip boring stuff and get to the wicked awesome cool stuff. For example… We had Valentine’s Day at school, and everybody had to wear RED on February 14th. OK, that’s that out of the way. Phew!

Hey Cameron! Valentine's Day 2013

Hey Cameron! Valentine’s Day 2013

Cooke Boys! Valentine’s Day 2013

Jordan and Cameron – Valentine’s Day 2013

Next on the boring list. We had St Patrick’s Day at school, and everybody had to wear GREEN on March something or other. OK, now that’s out of the way too!

Hey Cameron! St Patrick's Day 2013

Hey Cameron! St Patrick’s Day 2013

Cooke Boys! St Patrick's Day 2013

Cooke Boys! St Patrick’s Day 2013

Jordan and Cameron [St Patrick’s Day 2013]

And JUST like that… we’ve arrived at the wicked awesome COOL STUFF! Spring Break 2013! Cooke Family Road Trip to San Antonio, Texas! I realize that the last blog entry involved a road trip to San Antonio; however, for those of you who know me well… one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is what? That’s right… Go to SEA WORLD! (We have annual passes). We’ll get to that in a moment. One of my other favorite things to do in the world is what? That’s right… pretend like I just scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Yes; but, that’s not part of this story. What’s that? Wrestle 16ft Great White sharks in the icy waters of South Africa? True; but, we’re not talking about that right now either. I’m talking about my NEXT favorite thing to do. That’s right… Stay in a hotel! And guess what… Jordan and I got to stay in a hotel AND go to Sea World San Antonio! Winner winner! Chicken dinner!

Cooke Family - San Antonio, TX [Spring Break 2013]

Cooke Family – San Antonio, TX [Spring Break 2013]

Cooke Boys! - San Antonio, TX [Spring Break 2013]

Cooke Boys! – San Antonio, TX [Spring Break 2013]

We were only in San Antonio for a couple of days. DAY ONE – We went down to the San Antonio Riverwalk. It was fantastic! It’s a river… that you walk along. Therefore, you get the term… Riverwalk. They have cafes, restaurants, performing artists (e.g. Mariachi bands), artists, and lots of stores. A great way to spend a sunny day in Texas. We ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe, which was well… decked out like an actual rainforest. While you’re eating, they have a pretend rainstorm, and it makes a lot of noise and the jungle comes alive! I thought it was pretty wicked awesome; but, Jordan got really scared and ran out of the restaurant screaming. Ok, I exaggerated a little bit there for some added drama; but, he did say “I’m scared!” and cling to Mommy REALLY tight.

Rainforest Cafe - San Antonio Riverwalk [Spring Break 2013]

Rainforest Cafe – San Antonio Riverwalk [Spring Break 2013]

Later that afternoon, we got to ride on a boat on The San Antonio Riverwalk. You have to remember that for a 5 and 3 year old, just seeing a boat, fire truck, police car, airplane, or football stadium, gets us excited. Now you tell us we actually get to go ON a boat? Yes, it was one of the coolest things that Jordan and I have ever done in our exciting young lives. Of course, if you recall last summer when we went to San Diego, we went on a really big boat to Coronado Island with Daddy and our Ventura, CA friends Doug & Loretta. I have no idea what the tour guide was jabbering about on the boat. I was just chilling. Enjoying the Sun, beautiful weather, hanging out with Mommy, Jordan, and even Daddy, and enjoying a wonderful day with my family on our Spring Break vacation. As usual, Daddy took a LOT of pictures. I promised him I’d post some of them, so here you go…

The Riverwalk – San Antonio, TX [SPRING 2013]

San Antonio, TX [SPRING 2013]

The Riverwalk – San Antonio, TX

Restaurants along The Riverwalk – San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio Riverwalk [Spring 2013]

Dining on The San Antonio Riverwalk [2013]

San Antonio Mission Bells

San Antonio Mission Bells

The Riverwalk - San Antonio, TX [Spring 2013]

The Riverwalk – San Antonio, TX [Spring 2013]

 After a delicious Mexican food dinner at Pappasito’s Cantina, Day 1 concluded with a trip back to our hotel – Four Points by Sheraton in La Cantera. It was really nice! Daddy states that if you want a cost effective hotel in Northwest San Antonio, then he highly recommends Four Points by Sheraton. And NO… this is not the Hey Cameron! Shameless Free Advertising Award; but, I do like a good clean friendly hotel!

Jordan & Cameron - Sea World San Antonio, TX [Spring Break 2013]

Jordan & Cameron – Sea World San Antonio, TX [Spring Break 2013]

Cameron & Jordan @Sea World for Spring Break 2013

Cameron & Jordan @Sea World for Spring Break 2013

DAY TWO was destined to be epic before it even started. We were meeting our friends Paul, Jenifer, Dylan (4yrs), and Zara (18mos) at Sea World. They were visiting from AMSTERDAM in The Netherlands. We also met up with our friends Wendy, and Landon (2yrs).

Cooke Boys - Hanging out with our friend Dylan from The Netherlands [Spring 2013]

Cooke Boys – Hanging out with our friend Dylan from The Netherlands [Spring 2013]

The plan was simple. Go see that big fish we call Shamu! It doesn’t matter how often Jordan and I see Shamu, it is ALWAYS a delightful treat that makes us giddy and happy as can be. Try it… You’ll like it! We tried it… and we liked it!

SHAMU!!! Sea World San Antonio [Spring 2013]

SHAMU!!! Sea World San Antonio [Spring 2013]

Shamu Show - Sea World San Antonio {Spring Break 2013]

Shamu Show – Sea World San Antonio {Spring Break 2013]

Sea World San Antonio [Spring 2013]

Sea World San Antonio [Spring 2013]

Shamu... Shamu... Shamu...

Shamu… Shamu… Shamu…

Throughout the day, we encountered the usual suspects. Watched the Azul show with the Beluga Whales and acrobats; saw the sea lion show; gazed at the sharks and sting rays while trying to prevent Jordan from jumping through the glass into the shark tank; enjoyed a dolphin training session; and then at the end of the day, we got to pick out something at the store on the way out. Jordan got a dolphin. Me? I went with the super soft and cool Beluga Whale. I almost went for the penguin; but, next time. Thank You Mommy!

Dolphin Training Session @Sea World San Antonio [Spring 2013]

Dolphin Training Session @Sea World San Antonio [Spring 2013]

Shark Watching @Sea World San Antonio [Spring Break 2013]

Shark Watching @Sea World San Antonio [Spring Break 2013]

Jordan and I truly enjoyed our time with our friends at Sea World; but, the adventure wasn’t done yet! When you’ve got friends visiting from overseas, there’s one thing they MUST have to eat before leaving the State of Texas. That’s right… pickled mackeral. Ewwwwww! Just kidding. Texas BBQ! And if you’re familiar with the exit of Sea World San Antonio, the closest Texas BBQ is also one of the best for group gatherings… Rudy’s “Country Store” & Bar-B-Q – located at 10623 Westover Hills (Hwy 151).

Rudy's BBQ with Dylan, Jordan, Cameron, Landon and Zara - San Antonio, TX [Spring 2013]

Rudy’s BBQ with Dylan, Jordan, Cameron, Landon and Zara – San Antonio, TX [Spring 2013]

In all my 5yrs of existence, it has always fascinated me that you can buy AA batteries, pack of gum, fill your car up with gasoline, AND get super wicked awesome BBQ at Rudy’s Country Store. It’s is a staple in the Austin-San Antonio, Texas Region, and I LOVE IT! If you’re a vegetablenarian… this may not be the place for you. For those of us of the carnivorous persuasion, we had the moist brisket, lean brisket (didn’t know there were 2 kinds!), pork ribs, sausage, smoked turkey, beans, potato salad, that special BBQ “sause” and enough loaves of bread to start our own bakery. All served on butcher paper while enjoying a sunny Texas evening around a picnic table with friends and family. It was a delicious good time! Despite the fact that I can’t remember ANYTHING after slipping into what can only be classified as a GRADE IV Meat Coma… It goes without saying that the Hey Cameron! Shameless Free Advertising recipient for Spring 2013 is Rudy’s “Country Store” & Bar-B-Q.

Rudy's "Country Store" And Bar-B-Q

Rudy’s “Country Store” And Bar-B-Q


FAMILY. The family has been good. Cousin Gabrielle turned 9 in March. Jordan and I went to her birthday party at an indoor roller skating rink, which was really nice. Granted, there was nothing but high pitched squealing 9yr old girls there; but, we hung out with Uncle Chris, so it was all good. Uncle Chris even helped me learn how to roller skate. There’s no control. I hope that’s not how it feels to drive a car, because that’s definitely high up on my list of things I want to do when I get older. hApPy BiRtHdAy Cousin Gabrielle!

hApPy BiRtHdAy Cousin Gabrielle!

hApPy BiRtHdAy Cousin Gabrielle!

Aunt Portia came down from Dallas this Spring to see us too. Well… I’m sure she had other important reasons for being in Austin; but, for arguments sake, let’s just say that she was here to see ME. Ok, maybe me AND Jordan. It’s always good to see Aunt P. She just started a new job within her company (Accenture) earlier this year, got a new car, bought a new house, AND just had her birthday (April 5), so I’d say on a scale from 1 to 10… Aunt P is like a 14 right now. CONGRATULATIONS AUNT P! hApPy BiRtHdAy!!!

Aunt P (Age 5) and Daddy (Age 7) - England 1977

Aunt P (Age 5) and Daddy (Age 7) – England 1977

Daddy and Aunt Portia lived with Grandma & Grandad Cooke when they were kids. They’re lucky! Sometimes I wish I could live with them; but, what’s cool is that we get to stay with them a lot since they live just a few miles away from us. We have a LOT of fun. I’ve heard adults talking about a place called Vega… Ventas… Vegas? Something like that. It sounds like tons of fun. So much fun that apparently, “What happens in Vega… Stays in Vega.”. I like that! And definitely… What happens at Grandma & Grandad’s House… STAYS at Grandma & Grandad’s house. Unless Mommy asks Jordan, because he doesn’t know how to keep secrets and is a TERRIBLE liar.

Cooke Boys visiting Grandad Cooke @Home Depot [Spring 2013]

Cooke Boys visiting Grandad Cooke @Home Depot [Spring 2013]

The other day, Grandad said “Jordan, you are soooooooo cute!”. Jordan replied… “Grandad, I’m not cute! Cameron’s cute. I’m AWESOME!”. Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha! Now, that’s funny! I don’t care who you are Jack! But, I must admit, my little brother Jordan is pretty cool. And yes… I am cute. Awesome too!

"AWESOME" Jordan [Spring 2013]

“AWESOME” Jordan [Spring 2013]

Jordan - Huh? What? [SPRING 2013]

Jordan – Huh? What? [SPRING 2013]

One of our favorite family gatherings of the year is EASTER. It’s the message of new life, new beginnings, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Easter Bunny, and colored Eggs with candy inside (and shhhh! Sometimes money!). Daddy is still very confused about the whole Easter Bunny thing and what he’s all about. Of course, this is the same man who told me and Jordan he didn’t have the internet when he was a kid, no mobile phones, and when he wanted to talk to his friends, he had to either go to their house, or talk to them on a phone that was connected to the wall at Grandma & Grandad’s house. Yes my dear friends and family, as Uncle Roger in England would say… Daddy is well dodgy.

Cooke Family - Austin, TX [EASTER 2013]

Cooke Family – Austin, TX [EASTER 2013]

Per tradition, we went to Uncle Eric and Aunt Linda’s house for Easter Sunday. Once again, one of my favorite family gatherings of the year, because we get to spend time with our Aunt and Uncle, Grandma Seaberg, Mommy, Daddy, and best of all… our cousins Sophia (16) and Byron (14).  They are a LOT of fun! We play this hide n’ seek game where you have to hide from Uncle Eric who pretends to be a monster. You can tell when he is getting close, because there is a LOUD growling noise. It’s VERY scary; But, he’s not a very smart monster, because all you have to do is tickle him, and then he falls asleep. Then you just run (before he wakes up again), and that’s the game. Of course, it pretty much always turns into horse rides. Hey… why not?

Playing "MONSTER" with Uncle Eric @Easter

Playing “MONSTER” with Uncle Eric @Easter

We also have a MASSIVE Easter Egg hunt. Sophia and Byron really do a great job of helping me and Jordan find a LOT of eggs.

Hey Cameron! Easter Egg Hunt [2013]

Jordan – Easter Egg Hunt [2013]

Because of the wonderful cousins we have, it is no surprise that the Hey Cameron! Family Member of the Month recipients are Cousins Sophia and Byron! CONGRATULATIONS! You get… well, there is no prize. Just knowing you’re the Family Member of the Month should is honorable enough.

The Cooke & Seaberg Cousins [EASTER 2013]

The Cooke & Seaberg Cousins [EASTER 2013]

EASTER 2013 with Family Members of the Month - Cousins Sophia & Byron

EASTER 2013 with Family Members of the Month – Cousins Sophia & Byron

The weather is wonderful in Texas this time of year. It’s perfect for being outdoors as much as possible. We play in the backyard, go to the playground, feed the ducks at Brushy Creek Park by our house, ride our bikes, run around the backyard playing soccer and t-ball, all kinds of stuff! Me and Jordan… We just LOVE being outside!

Cameron & Jordan – chilling in our backyard [SPRING 2013]

Cameron & Jordan – playing ball in our backyard [SPRING 2013]

Cooke Boys – Feeding the ducks @Brushy Creek Park [SPRING 2013]

“Brothers” – Cameron & Jordan @Brushy Creek Park [SPRING 2013]

Recently, the Cooke Family went on a mini-hike to the top of Mt Bonnell (overlooking Lake Austin) and Jordan and I had our first ever picnic. I really had no idea what a “picnic” was at first, and then I saw food and drinks; plus, you get to sit outside, people watch (Daddy’s favorite pastime) and enjoy the Sun… It was delightful! I guess I’m a picnic kinda guy! Who knew! Daddy says it’s good that I like picnics, because when you get older, picnics are a really great idea when you’re getting to know a girl. Huh? Why would you take a girl on a picnic? I suppose women like you to listen to them talk and enjoy flowers too! Yeah, alright Daddy. He’s lucky Mommy had a big enough heart to keep him, because he couldn’t find feathers in a chicken farm.

Cooke Family Picnic @Mt Bonnell Park - Austin, TX [SPRING 2013]

Cooke Family Picnic @Mt Bonnell Park – Austin, TX [SPRING 2013]

Austin city skyline from Mt Bonnell [Spring 2013]

Cooke Family Picnic – Mt Bonnell – Austin, TX [Spring 2013]

Hiking the trails at Mt. Bonnell – Austin, TX [Spring 2013]

Mommy, Jordan & Cameron – Mt. Bonnell – Austin, TX [Spring 2013]

Mommy & Jordan overlooking Lake Austin @Mt. Bonnell [Spring 2013]

Watching the speed boats on Lake Austin @Mt. Bonnell [Spring 2013]

Hiking the trails @Mt. Bonnell – Austin, TX [Spring 2013]

Speaking of great Texas weather… Mommy signed Jordan and I up for YMCA Spring T-Ball. We both decided that we were going to give soccer a break (until Fall) and try something new. My team is called “The Tin Cups”. I get to play with my friends Luke, Caleb and Zander who have been on my soccer team for the last couple of seasons. And wouldn’t you know it… our uniforms are GREEN.

Hey Cameron! "The Tin Cups" - YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Hey Cameron! “The Tin Cups” – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Jordan - "The Sand Gnats" YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Jordan – “The Sand Gnats” YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

At first, I thought our team name “The Tin Cups” was pretty bad, and then I heard Jordan’s team name… “The Sand Gnats”. That’s funny! Disgusting…. but, funny. And guess what? Yep. Their uniforms are GREEN too! Naturally, Jordan is just happy to play. He is ALWAYS smiling and having a good time playing t-ball. Last week we both played our 1st game of the Spring Season (and I think we BOTH won!); but, not really a whole lot to report (yet). We have great coaches, fun team, and it should be an awesome t-ball season! We’re excited! Stay tuned! I’ll keep you updated on how “The Tin Cups” and “The Sand Gnats” do throughout the season.

Mommy and Jordan – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Jordan waiting to bat – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Cameron and Jordan – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

“The Sand Gnats” – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Jordan batting – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Jordan running to home plate – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Hey Cameron! Waiting to bat – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Hey Cameron! Running to home plate – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Hey Cameron! [#5] – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Hey Cameron! [#5] - "The Tin Cups" - YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Hey Cameron! [#5] – “The Tin Cups” – YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Cameron, Caleb & Luke - "The Tin Cups"  @YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

Cameron, Caleb & Luke – “The Tin Cups” @YMCA T-Ball [Spring 2013]

That’s really all I have for you right now; but, I’ll leave you with this amazing video of me pretending to be Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel.



If you like what you’ve read… Please post a comment and/or write me when you can. Let me and Jordan know what you’ve been up to, and Thank You for reading the Hey Cameron! It’s Spring… And I can’t think of a good title Edition. Until we blog again…

Hey Cameron! SPRING 2013

Hey Cameron! SPRING 2013


Hugs, High Fives & Kisses,

Cameron & Jordan


Hey Cameron! Halloween Pumpkin Turkey Jordan Santa Christmas 2012 Edition!

Hey Cameron! and Jordan @Sea World San Antonio

Hey Cameron! and Jordan @Sea World San Antonio

Greetings friends and family! A hearty HELLO to you all! (especially “da ladies”) and WELCOME to the Hey Cameron! Halloween Pumpkin Turkey Jordan Santa Christmas 2012 Edition! The title’s a little bit long; but, it’s starting to grow on me already. It’s really hard to top my fall birthday or summer vacation editions of the blog; but, as always… I trust and hope that the Hey Cameron! blog will deliver some much needed wicked awesome mindless useless random entertainment to your day.

There's something behind me... isn't there?

There’s something behind me… isn’t there?

To my friends in Finland – Land of Santa… Tervetuloa! (that means Welcome!). HO! HO! HO! (I just added the HO! HO! HO! cuz I think Santa laughs funny). I always thought Santa Claus lived in the North Pole with Frosty, Mrs Claus, the Elves, Rudolph, and Abominabullominamal Snowman; however, I think that’s just media propaganda for tv ratings and DVD/Blue-Ray sales. I’ve done the research, and it’s just not possible for Santa to go from house to house all over the world with ONE sleigh full of toys from a “workshop”  in “The North Pole”.

Hey Cameron! Movember 2012

Hey Cameron! Movember 2012

Jordan - Movember 2012

Jordan – Movember 2012

Cooke Family - Movember 2012

Cooke Family – Movember 2012

From an economic and time consumption perspective… it’s quite simple. Dude (aka Red Santa 1) has distribution warehouses all over the world filled with magic elves, dwarves, hobbits, and badgers that coordinate logistics and reload the sleigh across variable time zones to keep Santa on track. I’m actually convinced he’s got the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and all the major delivery services in on the gig too; but, that’s just me over analyzing the situation. Think about it. You really think he can do all that ALONE in ONE night? Come on man! But hey… What do I know? I’m only 5. Just keep the gifts coming and I’m cool. I’m really not too concerned HOW they get here; but, something’s up. Like Daddy always says… I was born at night; but, I wasn’t born LAST night! Santa’s probably got a… Shhhhhh! I better be quiet. Elf on the Shelf is watching me (again). We’ll talk more on this subject AFTER December 25th.

Elf on the Shelf is watchin' me!

Elf on the Shelf is watchin’ me!

Last time we were together, I was telling you about my birthday celebration in Houston, and my excitement with Fall. There’s no snow in Austin, Texas; but, the Spirit of Christmas and The Holiday Season is HERE! For me, it starts with Halloween. This year, my Pre-K Class dressed up as historical characters. This was a no brainer for me. Who could possibly be greater than a President, the guy who invented the cotton gin, or the dude who first discovered fire? JESUS! That’s who! But, no… I didn’t dress up as Jesus. An Astronaut! That’s right! And not just any astronaut. Neil Armstrong. 1st man to walk on the moon! That’s not even our planet! What could be greater than that? Well… we already established that Jesus is; but, for the purpose of this blog… I dressed up as Neil Armstrong. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


As I am sure you have already noticed, it is a wicked awesome costume. Mommy and Daddy got it for me from… well, I don’t know where they got it. Maybe the astronaut store.



Jordan doesn’t really dig the whole putting something on your head or face and walking around the neighborhood thing. In fact, for the 1st part of the day… he wore his soccer uniform as a Halloween costume. Mommy and Daddy (especially Daddy) tried to talk him into Iron Man, Batman, Spider Man, Scooby Doo, or even a fireman. NOPE. Soccer player. After jacking up his costume with spaghetti or mulch, or whatever he does to destroy his clothes, there was no choice and  he HAD to get another costume. He didn’t go too far. Baseball Player. Really Jordan? Really? So, after a whole lot of arm twistin’, kickin’, screamin’ and fighting, I let him borrow my Texas Rangers baseball jersey that Aunt P bought me for my birthday. Gotta admit… he looked REALLY cool. Not as cool as me mind you. Let’s not get carried away now.

Halloween 2012 - Jordan's 1st costume - YMCA Soccer Player

Halloween 2012 – Jordan’s 1st costume – YMCA Soccer Player

Halloween 2012 - Jordan as a Texas Rangers baseball player

Halloween 2012 – Jordan’s 2nd Costume –  Texas Rangers baseball player

I probably should have wrote about this before… but, another tradition of Halloween at Cooke Casa is to take a Cooke Family Road Trip to Sweet Berry Farm and pick out pumpkins. Sweet Berry Farm is super cool! They have hay rides, a corn field maze, pumpkins, horses, goats, face painting, scarecrow stuffing, paint a pumpkin, and all kinds of fun activities our family can do together. I like traditions… And I hope we continue this tradition for many many years to come. And no… Sweet Berry Farm is NOT the Shameless Free Advertising recipient. This month’s is MUCH bigger. Be patient. I’ll announce that later in the blog.

Hey Cameron! Sweet Berry Farms








Jordan in the Pumpkin Patch

Jordan in the Pumpkin Patch


The night before Halloween, we split up into pumpkin carving teams – Cameron & Daddy. Jordan & Mommy. It wasn’t a competition; but, hands down… Well, since it wasn’t a competition, let’s just say they were BOTH pretty awesome! Even though mine and Daddy’s was much better. You be the judge.

Team Jordan & Mommy - The Great Pumpkin Carve - Halloween 2012

Team Cooke 1 – Jordan & Mommy – The Great Pumpkin Carve – Halloween 2012

Team Cameron & Daddy - The Great Pumpkin Carve - Halloween 2012

Team Cooke 2 – Cameron & Daddy – The Great Pumpkin Carve – Halloween 2012

After that, we went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood with some friends. Jordan and I collected a LOT of candy. Which I’m starting to believe is pretty ridiculous. What kid actually sits and eats ALL of their candy? I’ll tell you what kid… DADDY! Well, he didn’t actually “eat” it all. He told us he ate it all, made us cry, and then laughed at us and posted it on Facebook and YouTube. YES, in typical Daddy fashion… he recorded it. This is why Daddy get’s the “…Are You Kidding Me?” Award for the Hey Cameron! Halloween Pumpkin Turkey Jordan Santa Christmas 2012 Edition. I would show you; but… my blog. My rules. My choice. I say NO.

jcooke7austin - Movember 2012 Austin Gala Parte

Daddy – Movember 2012 Austin Gala Parte

NI Holiday Party 2012

Mommy & Daddy @ NI Holiday Party 2012 punching a penguin? That’s not nice!

I can’t always deliver happy news. Sometimes we all get REALLY sad. On November 10, 2012… Our beloved cat “Spookie” went to Heaven to be with God and Grandad Seaberg. He was 16yrs old. As long as I’ve been around, Spookie has been with us. He will be missed. I remember it was November 10, because it is the same day that Texas A&M beat Alabama and Johnny Manziel secured his candidacy as the Heisman trophy frontrunner (he ended up winning by the way). Daddy said the day was bittersweet. I have no idea what that means; but, it was sad we lost Spookie; yet awesome that The Aggies won their football game. It should go without saying… The Hey Cameron! Family Member of the Month Award goes to our pet, our friend, our companion and loyal family member… SPOOKIE (1996-2012). Rest in Peace Spookie! We LOVE You!

Spookie Seaberg Cooke - (2006 - 2012) R.I.P. Spookie

Spookie Seaberg Cooke – (1996 – 2012) R.I.P. Spookie

Thanksgiving was a bit different this year. Typically, we have everybody over at Cooke Casa, and then we go to Uncle Eric & Aunt Linda’s on Christmas morning. This year… we are switching things around. Jordan and I had a great time hanging out with our cousins. That’s always fun! Uncle Eric cooked a turkey. It was delicious! There may have been something in that turkey, because I really don’t recall what happened for the rest of the day after we ate. Same thing happens to me (and everyone else) at Christmas. Common theme… turkey! I blame the turkey! Daddy says it’s because of the tryptophan. As usual, I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about cuz I DEFINITELY don’t recall tripping over any fans! I think I’d remember that! Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to everyone coming over to our house on Christmas morning, because I do LOVE a house full of family!

Cooke Boys & Seaberg Cousins - hApPy ThAnKsGiViNg - Movember 2012

Cooke Boys & Seaberg Cousins – hApPy ThAnKsGiViNg – Movember 2012

This is called the Hey Cameron! blog; however, I have to give some love to my little brother – Baby Jordan. Well… he’s no longer a baby. Jordan turned THREE right after Thanksgiving! I was soooooo excited, because that meant I was going to get to do something cool too and probably eat cupcakes or cake. WRONG! I got to do something cool (we’ll talk about that in a little bit); but, Jordan didn’t want cupcakes. He didn’t want cake. He didn’t even want ice cream! What’s wrong with that kid? What did he want… MARSHMALLOWS!

HaPpY bIrThDaY Jordan!

HaPpY bIrThDaY Jordan!

Marshmallows! Marshmallows! Marshmallows!

Marshmallows! Marshmallows! Marshmallows!

If it wasn’t for Daddy and his shenanigans, I would make Jordan the “…Are You Kidding Me?” recipient of the blog. As usual, Mommy was an angel and made Jordan smile by making him a snowman made of marshmallows with raisins for hair and eyes, licorice sticks for arms, and M&M’s for buttons. It was actually quite creative. A regular Martha Stewart that one! The kid was ecstatic! On a scale from 1 to 10… Watching Jordan blow out candles is like a 15. He’s funny!


Speaking of funny… I have no idea who what when where why how Jordan made this video; but, if you like to laugh… check out Jordan dancing and singing to “Gangnam Style” on Jib Jab. Another Cooke Boys Holiday classic! Enjoy!


Staying with Jordan’s birthday… I mentioned that I KNEW we were going to do something cool to celebrate as a family. If you recall, we went to Houston for my 5th birthday back in September. Astros baseball game, museums, and NASA to see Space Center Houston. For Jordan’s 3rd birthday, he wanted to see his favorite animal in the whole wide world… SHAMU. I about slapped myself silly when I heard we were going to see that big fish, shark, whale, whatever he is. Cuz Shamu is my favorite too! I think you know where I’m going with this…

HaPpY bIRtHdAy Jordan!

HaPpY bIRtHdAy Jordan!

Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising for the Halloween Pumpkin Turkey Jordan Santa Christmas 2012 Edition of the Hey Cameron! blog is (queue angels singing) SeaWorld San Antonio’s Christmas Celebration!

SeaWorld San Antonio Christmas Celebration


SeaWorld San Antonio is decking the halls for its annual Christmas Celebration, a magical holiday program offered on scheduled operating days, November 17 through December 31, 2012. Enjoy stunning live shows in our wintery, watery wonderland. Immerse your family in the spirit of the season, sip hot cocoa as you stroll through a sea of sparkling Christmas lights, and share laughs with a jolly sea lion.

Jordan's Birthday Celebration @SeaWorld San Antonio

Jordan’s Birthday Celebration @SeaWorld San Antonio

Hey Cameron! showing my excitement at SeaWorld San Antonio

Hey Cameron! showing my excitement at SeaWorld San Antonio

I’m not sure who was more excited. Me or Jordan. All I know is this… Grandma Cooke went with us, so that was a bonus; but, then when we got there, and the whole park was lit up like Santa’s Village. DOUBLE Bonus! Well… similar. But different. I don’t think Santa has SHAMU, dolphins, sea lions and Beluga whales at his crib. He might! I doubt it.



Shamu Stadium - San Antonio - Christmas Celebration

Shamu Stadium – San Antonio – Christmas Celebration

Shamu Christmas

Shamu Christmas… Miracles @ Shamu Stadium

Clyde & Seamore's Countdown to Christmas Show @ SeaWorld

Clyde & Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas Show @ SeaWorld

I felt VERY grateful that we celebrated Jordan’s birthday on that Cooke Family Road Trip to Sea World San Antonio for all the Christmas Celebration shows. We saw “A Dolphin Christmas” set to music from The Nutcracker, “Clyde & Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas” at the Sea Lion, Otter and Walrus Stadium, “A Sesame Street Christmas” at the Nautilus Ampitheater with Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster, and of course… “Shamu Christmas… Miracles” at the Shamu Theater, set to Holiday music. By far… the greatest show of the day!

Merry-Go-Round @SeaWorld with Mommy & Grandma Cooke

Merry-Go-Round @SeaWorld with Mommy & Grandma Cooke

Candy Cane Forest w/Jordan, Mommy & Grandma

Candy Cane Forest w/Jordan, Mommy & Grandma

Candy Cane Forest - SeaWorld San Antonio

Candy Cane Forest – SeaWorld San Antonio

Candy Cane Forest w/Daddy & Jordan

Candy Cane Forest w/Daddy & Jordan

Jordan & Grandma in Candy Cane Forest

Birthday Boy Jordan & Grandma in Candy Cane Forest

Mommy & The Cooke Boys in Candy Cane Forest

Mommy & The Cooke Boys in Candy Cane Forest

We even got to drink hot chocolate in Candy Cane Forest, and walk through a beautiful trail of lights with fake snow. It was an AWESOME day at SeaWorld San Antonio Christmas Celebration that concluded with a band of Santa Mariachi’s (that’s right.. Santa Mariachi’s) singing holiday songs with a Mexican feliz navidad kinda twist to it.

Santa Mariachi's @ SeaWorld San Antonio

Santa Mariachi’s @ SeaWorld San Antonio

What a fantastic day! Might I add that throughout the entire Christmas Celebration, the park played Holiday music all over SeaWorld; however, my favorite music came from the Santa Mariachi Band. If sombreros and Santa suits don’t get you in the Holiday Spirit… I don’t know what will. Two thumbs up for Jordan’s Birthday! Thank You Mommy & Daddy! Here’s a video of the Santa’s singing. I have absolutely no idea what they’re singing; But, it sounds nice, upbeat and festive!


So just in case I wasn’t clear enough… Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising for the Halloween Pumpkin Turkey Jordan Santa Christmas 2012 Edition of the Hey Cameron! blog is SeaWorld San Antonio Christmas Celebration


There's something behind me again... Isn't there?

There’s something behind me again… Isn’t there?

I’ve seriously been trying to be good this year. I think it was 2 years ago… I got on the naughty list with Santa. Let me tell you something… you do NOT want to be on that list. I think I cleaned my room, ate all my vegetables and dinner, said Yes M’am! Yes Sir! and Please and Thank You till I was blue in the face to get back into the graces of Santa’s “Good” List. This year… I’m not even messin’ around. Jordan? Yeah, he’s messin’ around; but, dimples, fuzzy curly hair and being 3yrs old seems to get him pretty far. I’m reading now. Obviously, I’ve been writing for a long time now, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog all these years; however, I never have been able to actually read what the heck I’m writing. Now I can! That alone should keep me on Santa’s good list. Just to be safe, I went ol’ skool and sent Santa a handwritten letter asking him for a bike, helicopter or a rocket ship. SWEET!


Not sure what Mommy and Daddy are doing; but, now that I can read, they can’t hide as much from me. Recently, they’ve been getting a lot of packages delivered to the house from the jungle. Don’t know what’s in them. Don’t wanna know. Could be special plants, tree frogs, a snake, tribal wear, Elvis, or special “medicine”. I wasn’t being nosy or anything; but, when the box has AMAZON plastered across it, Hey… a kid’s gonna notice. Once again… Don’t wanna know. This is why I’m sticking with Santa. He brings the good stuff! Really Mommy? Really Daddy? Here’s an idea… most parents in North America get their gifts from a shopping mall, Toys-R-Us, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or Home Depot. No need to be orderin’ stuff from the Amazon jungle in South America. Geez!

Mommy & Daddy at NI Holiday Party 2012

Mommy & Daddy at NI Holiday Party 2012

Mommy & Daddy at Movember 2012 Austin Gala Parte'

Mommy & Daddy at Movember 2012 Austin Gala Parte’

Oh, and here’s a video of me attempting to sing “Let it Snow”. I forget the words half way through. But don’t judge. Daddy doesn’t know the words either, and he actually thought the song was called “Oh, the weather outside is frightful”. Yeah. Cuz that makes a whole lot of sense. NOT.


I’m probably leaving out a lot of things; but, that’s what NEXT TIME is for. Have a blessed and wonderful Holiday Season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festivus (for the rest of us), Feliz Navidad, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2013! God Bless you ALL! (yes… even you).

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! from Cameron & Jordan

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! from Cameron & Jordan

Post a comment and/or write me when you can and let me know what you’ve been up to or what you enjoy(ed) about the Hey Cameron! blog. Until we blog again…

Hugs, High Fives & Kisses,

Cameron & Jordan

Hey Cameron! Ducks without swim suits… 5th birthday… and FALL is here!

Last week, Jordan told Grandad, “Hey Grandad! Those ducks are swimming; But Grandad… They don’t have any swim suits on!”. I’m not sure what was more alarming. A) Ducks swimming without swim suits… or B) Jordan having a somewhat intelligent conversation with a grown man over 50. Actually, over 60; but, who’s counting right? I am. He’s 68.

Hey Cameron! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 5 years old!

It’s October 2012, which means my favorite time of the year has arrived. Look it… Fall is here!!! Time to deliver a warm and hearty WELCOME to my friends, family, followers and small woodland creatures who know how to read. Except skunks. Cuz they smell really bad. That last statement may have been unnecessary. Sorry. Anyway… WELCOME to the Fall Edition of the Hey Cameron! blog. My sincerest apologies for the long absence. It’s been a long time since my last blog (June 2012). I’ve missed you. You’ve missed me; but, I recently turned 5 years old (YES… FIVE!), so I won’t make any excuses. I mean really… Where does the time go? I’ll tell you where it goes. It goes…. Well, I don’t know. It’s just something I hear people say all the time.

Hey Cameron! is FIVE! September 2012

Hey Cameron! September 27th, 2012

Hey Cameron! Soooooo… What have you been up to all summer? Good question! I’m glad you asked (even though I’m asking and answering my own question). If you recall, we kicked off our summer with a family trip to San Diego, CA. You can check the “Recent Posts” section of the blog if you want a recap of The San Diego Road Show. After we returned home to Texas from our California vacation, the sun was hot, we had July 4th, then it was August, the sun was STILL hot, they had the Olympics in London, I slept, I ate, yada yada yada… and then it was my FIFTH birthday at the end of September! 1… 2… 3… 4… 5! FIVE. Cinco! Let’s talk about THAT!

Cameron Daddy Jordan 2012

Jordan Cameron Daddy 2012

Daddy just walked in the room. After peaking over my shoulder to read my blog, dude says “That sounds VERY selfish Cameron”, and then leaves the room. So I then yelled back “Selfish? Selfish? It’s MY blog. My whole life is centered around sharing and caring and doing things for others. Is it wrong for me to want some time for myself? To talk about ME? To discuss subjects that I find interesting?”. Ok. When you put it like that… it really does sound a bit selfish. Alright, let’s go through the Summer, and THEN we can talk about my 5th birthday.

Jordan Cameron – FALL 2012

JULY 2012 – We went to the Annual 4th of July Ranch at Brushy Creek neighborhood parade on July 4th. They had the same thing last year too. I guess that’s why they call it “annual”. Makes sense. I got to ride my Big Wheel, and Jordan rode his whatever that thing is. Best part was the fire truck from Cedar Park Station No. 4 leading us to the festival. Once we got there, they had hot dogs, hamburgers, and my favorite… snow cones! That night, we watched fireworks in the drive way. We had a really great time. Seems like it was months ago… because it was.

July 4th – Ranch @Brushy Creek

Ranch @Brushy Creek – July 4th Parade

AUGUST 2012 – If you live in Texas, then August is probably the hottest month of the entire year. We’re in October now, and the weather is perfect, so I won’t dwell on the past. The best parts of August were Grandma Cooke’s birthday (Aug 16th) and the visit from Aunt Amanda and Aunt Portia (aka The Infamous Aunt P). The visit was short… but, VERY special. Aunt Amanda was visiting us in Austin from Northampton, England, so we took a mini-Cooke Family Road Trip to one of our favorite Central Texas spots… The Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene, Texas. It’s a really cool place, with lots of trees, great food (I had the corn dog) and located right on the river. Afterwards, we went to the Gruene General Store, and Jordan and I got Thor and Captain America PEZ dispensers filled with candy. NICE! It was a lovely experience, and we are so glad that they both came to visit with us. We even had snow cones on the way home, so overall… a great Cooke Family Road Trip.

The Gristmill – Gruene, TX

Cameron @The Gristmill – Gruene, TX

Jordan @The Gristmill – Gruene, TX

Aunt Amanda @The Gristmill – Gruene, TX

Aunt Portia @The Gristmill – Gruene, TX

The Great Stare Down @The Gristmill

Cameron & Daddy @The Gristmill

Cooke Boys on Three!

Cameron with Aunt Amanda – 8.25.12

Grandma Cooke @The Gristmill

Grandma’s Birthday. I think we went to dinner. I don’t know. What I do remember is Jordan and I making a music video to sing Happy Birthday to Grandma, and perform a dance for her. It was AWESOME! I’m not saying that because I was in it. Ok… I’m saying it was awesome cuz I was in it. See for yourself.

SEPTEMBER 2012 – We haven’t had December with Christmas and turkey (yet); therefore, I can honestly say that September is my favorite month of the year (so far). Grandad’s birthday (10th), Mommy’s Birthday (15th), Auntie Peaches and Uncle Eric (24th), and my birthday (27th). Plus, it signifies the end of Summer… Beginning of Fall, so what’s not to love about September? Overall, it was a FUN Summer. I can’t always remember all the details of everything that happens more than a week or two ago; but, that’s why you have a father with a camera. Here are some random photos from Summer 2012.

Hey Cameron! Summer 2012

Me, Jordan and our Godfather “Cooksey” – Summer 2012

Mommy, Cameron & Daddy @Texas A&M vs Florida Gators – Sept 2012

Jordan and Daddy @Texas A&M – September 2012

Jordan, Cameron & Aunt P – Summer 2012

Me and Jordan giggling

“Breakfast Club” @1431 Cafe with Grandma Seaberg

Cooke Boys! Summer 2012

Round Rock Express Baseball Game – Summer 2012

Hey Cameron! at my favorite store – Target

Brother Jordan @Chuy’s – Summer 2012

Hey Cameron! T-Rex and a sticker after watching the movie “Brave”

Livin’ the Life @Chuy’s Tex Mex Restaurant – Summer 2012

You’re probably tired from reading this blog and looking at pictures, so for your viewing pleasure… here’s an entertaining video of me singing “Hey Soul Sister” by Train.

The month of September leads me to an interesting dilemma. It’s just not possible for me to award Family Member of the Month to anyone who doesn’t have a birthday in the month of September, so decisions decisions. First of all… I can’t vote for myself – dumb rule that I shouldn’t of made up when I was like 2; but, let’s move on shall we. Second… Mommy is great; but, sometimes she tells me things I don’t like. Stuff like “Cameron! Don’t swing the baseball bat in the house!” or “Yes, you need to brush your teeth!” or “Close the bathroom door please!”. Yeah… she’s out. Daddy too. Well… he was never even in the running. I just like saying he’s out so he knows he wasn’t even considered. Besides… he tried to eat us with ketchup last week.

Daddy trying to eat us… with ketchup!

Hey Cameron! blog – FALL 2012 Edition

My decision has been made. The recipient of the Hey Cameron! Family Member of the Month Award goes to TWO people. Grandma and Grandad Cooke. Why? Because Daddy took Mommy away for a few days to celebrate her birthday in a place called Yale… or was it Hail… could be Vail… I don’t know. Somewhere in Colorado with mountains, cool crisp clean air, rivers, Aspen leaves falling and blah blah blah. Sounds like a nice place. Not important at this time. What IS important is that while they were gone, Grandma and Grandad looked after us. I wouldn’t say it was a good time… I’d say it was a GREAT time! They are the best! Jordan and I REALLY enjoyed our time with our Grandparents, and I can honestly say that if Mommy and Daddy want to go away again next year… I’m cool hanging with Grandma and Grandad. Of course, I will pretend to be sad in front of them; but, after Mommy and Daddy leave and go wherever it is that they go… to do whatever it is that they do… it’s party time!

“Breakfast Club” @620 Cafe with Grandad Cooke

Road Trip to Wimberly, TX with Grandma Cooke

For the 75th time… Daddy threatened to withhold food, shelter and clothing from me if I didn’t at least post a few pictures from Mommy’s Birthday Fall Getaway in Vail Colorado on the Hey Cameron! blog. Since I like to eat, prefer to have a roof over my head, and look really good in a shirt and pair of pants, I thought I’d show you a few of their photos and then take it a step further by dubbing Vail, Colorado as Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising for the Fall Edition of the Hey Cameron! blog. Enjoy!

Anna’s Birthday Fall Getaway – Vail, CO – Sept 2012

Fall Aspens – Colorado 2012

Vail Mountain – Fall 2012

trail from Vail Village to Lionshead Village

Anna – Dinner @Atwater on Gore Creek

Fire Pit @The Sebastian – Vail

Vail Village – Oktoberfest 2012

Oktoberfest – Vail Village – Fall 2012

Oktoberfest – Vail, CO

CHEERS! Oktoberfest 2012 – Vail Village, CO

Anna… or Moose? Vail Village – Fall 2012

Lionshead Village – Fall 2012

Covered Bridge – Vail Village, CO 2012

Independence Pass – Continental Divide – 12,095ft

Look Ma! Top ‘o’ the World! Independence Pass (12,095ft)

Independence Pass to Aspen, CO – Fall 2012

Aspen, CO – Fall 2012

The Beauty of Fall in Colorado – Sept 2012

Fall leaves in the Colorado Rockies – Sept 2012

Before we leave the Vail topic… What is wrong with the people in Colorado? Daddy sent me this picture of the weather man in Vail. I’ve got 4 words for you. Are. You. Kidding. Me? Now, say it all together “…Are You Kidding Me?”. Don’t know this dude’s name; but, I’m callin’ him Cowboy Joe. Congratulations Cowboy Joe… you are the Fall 2012 Recipient of the Hey Cameron! “Are You Kidding Me?” Award. Hmmm… Anyone else think it’s a bit odd that it’s 98F at 10:01 in Vail, Colorado? Maybe he thought it was April Fool’s Day?

5 Day Forecast. “…Are You Kidding Me?” Award Recipient

If it were up to Daddy, he would create a segment in my blog called “How to Make Fun of Your Kids…”. He ALWAYS finds words that I can’t say, and then he tries to teach me how to say them. I’m thinking he needs to check out Jordan. He’s the funniest one. Been living with that kid for almost 3 years now, and he STILL calls me Ham-mer-un instead of Cameron. Anyway, just to prove I can make fun of myself… here’s a video of me saying “SCABETTY”, because I can’t say “SPAGHETTI”.

Cont’d SEPTEMBER 2012 – OK, back to me again… CAMERON’S BIRTHDAY! The parents asked me what I would like to do for my 5th birthday. I said “Go to South Africa and swim with the Great White Sharks – no cage”. That didn’t go over too well and I was told to be serious. The imagination is endless for a soon to be five year old; therefore, after learning that we are not currently sending astronauts to the moon, I negotiated a contract to see where astronauts live and train – Houston, Texas. Just like when we went to San Diego… we got to stay in a hotel. It was a place called The Residence Inn Suites – West University. Not sure why such a long name; but, I liked it! Jordan and I even had our own room – separated by a small living room area – so we could have our privacy. I’m sure there are a lot of things for me to look forward to in life; however, staying in a hotel is right up there as one of my favorite things to do (so far).

Cooke Family in Houston, TX – FALL 2012

We were only going to be in Houston for 3 days, so the initial plan was to visit NASA – National Astronauts Space and Stuff. Wait… that’s not it. Anyway, we were going to NASA to see Space Center Houston. What a FANTASTIC place! It was so much fun that this year, I think I’m going to be an astronaut for Halloween. Very inspiring!

NASA Space Center Houston – Space Shuttle “Explorer”

Astronauts @NASA – Space Center Houston

NASA – Mission Control Center

Jordan, Cameron & Mommy – NASA Tram Tour

Rocket Booster @NASA – Space Center Houston

Hey Cameron! @NASA Astronaut Training Center

Jordan @NASA Astronaut Training Center

I want to be an Astronaut for Halloween

NASA Space Center Houston – The coolest helmet EVER!

We had a great time at NASA. I learned a ton of things about space, and who knows… maybe one day I’ll be able to say I was here when man walked on Mars. How cool would that be? After NASA, we met our friends The Groenemann’s in Houston for dinner at a place called Little Pappasito’s Mexican Cantina. I’m pretty good with math; but, it doesn’t take a genius to know that there are a LOT of Groenemann’s. I think I counted at least 6. Most of them female. Last time I saw them, I was about to turn 2, and Jordan was in Mommy’s belly, so it’s been awhile. GREAT people, and I know we all love them dearly.

Our Houston friends “The Groenemann’s”

Jordan with The Groenemann’s @Little Pappasito’s

Jordan getting tickled by Gregg. He’s sooooooo ticklish!

Daddy (Jason) and Gregg @Little Pappasito’s – Sept 2012

You know I like my Chuy’s jalapeno ranch; but, Pappasito’s seem to know what they’re doing. There’s just something about fresh, hot, homemade tortillas that is oh so gooooooood! That something is that they’re fresh, hot, and homemade. Can’t go wrong with that. Besides, our friend Elise had the restaurant acknowledge it was my birthday and next thing you know… I’m wearing a sombrero and they’re singing “Happy Birthday”. Small price to pay, cuz they gave me ice cream too.

It was already shaping up to be the best birthday ever, and then it went off the charts and got even better. They took me to the Houston Astros baseball game at Minute Maid Park. This was now my 2nd Major League Baseball game. I was thrilled! It was an amazing treat, and I couldn’t have been happier. To top it all off… The Astros beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-1! Even though it looked like there were only a couple thousand of us in the stadium… It was AWESOME! An experience I will not soon forget! I guess I didn’t really need an exclamation mark at the end of the last sentence; but, I do like a good exclamation. They have their place. Daddy has gray hair. No exclamation necessary. Ice cream is yummy! Exclamation necessary. Ok… moving on.

Hey Cameron! Houston Astros baseball game @Minute Maid Park

Houston Astros vs Pittsburgh Pirates – Minute Maid Park – 9.22.12

1000’s of empty seats in Minute Maid Park… Jordan sits on Mommy.

HOMERUN!!! Astros WIN 4-1 over the Pirates!

Daddy & Cameron @Astros Game – 9.22.12

Hey Cameron! @Minute Maid Park – Houston Astros Game – 9.22.12

The last day in Houston concluded with a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the planetarium, and the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Probably my favorite part was the Hall of Paleontology. I’m not going to say that the name doesn’t make any sense, because to some people… it probably does. Daddy thought they had pancakes in there, so trust me… it can be confusing. Me and Jordan… we called it “Room Full of Dinosaurs”, because it was a “Room Full of Dinosaurs”. I could try to describe it to you; but, pictures are worth thousands of words.

The Museum District @Hermann Park – Houston, TX – Sept 2012

Hey Cameron! and Mommy being attacked by a dinosaur lizard thing

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Dinosaurs @Hall of Paleontology

RUN… RUN… It’s T-REX!!!

“Hall of Paleontology” or “Room Full of Dinosaurs”? You decide

The Cockrell Butterfly Exhibit was really COOL! I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life. It’s like you’re in the middle of the rainforest with butterflies all around you. We wore our bright green shirts so they would land on us. With all the screaming and crying from Jordan… that didn’t happen; but, a few butterflies did land on Daddy’s white shirt and in Mommy’s hair. They’re harmless. Kinda like sharks. They just look scary.

Jordan & Mommy @Butterfly Exhibit

Butterfly landed on Mommy’s finger

*Daddy* Excuse me sir… There’s a butterfly on your arm

*Mommy* Excuse me madam… There’s a butterfly on your hair

Cockrell Butterfly Exhibit – Houston, TX 9.23.12

Cooke Boys – Houston, Texas – 9.23.12

My birthday weekend in Houston wasn’t actually on my birthday. It was the weekend BEFORE my birthday, so I was excited to see what the rest of the week had in store. Finally, Thursday, Sept 27th arrived and I was FIVE!!! Yep. 3 exclamation marks necessary for that sentence. Daddy posted stuff about my birthday on Facebook. Mommy sang Happy Birthday. I got cards, gifts, and phone calls from family members, and my beloved Aunt P (aka Portia) sent me a Texas Rangers baseball jersey. I’m usually not that quick to defect and jump on a team bandwagon; however, the jersey is wicked awesome cool, and they are a Texas team, so I will support them. THANKS AUNT P!

Hey Cameron! Texas Rangers fan (since September 2012)

In honor of my recent trip to Houston, and my quest to become an astronaut and go to Mars… I got a super cool space shuttle onesie. I mean really… Who doesn’t love a onesie? Plus, Mommy and Daddy got me some ridiculously cool pajamas that look like a football uniform. Jordan said “You look like a Michigan football player”. I said “No I don’t because I don’t have a helmet… or stripes”. Typical Jordan fashion, he responds… “SO?”. Whatever. I don’t have time to deal with a 3yr old’s mentality.

Hey Cameron! Rockin’ the space shuttle onesie!

Hey Cameron! in my new #5 football pajamas

Do these pajamas look like a Michigan football player?

When I arrived at school on my birthday, I got to perform my birthday rotation around the Sun in Ms Sheila’s Class. I got to wear a crown (like a KING!) and walk around the months of the year 5 times starting with my birthday month of September to signify that the Earth has gone around the Sun 5 times since I was born. Once again… the class sang Happy Birthday to me. NICE. I was beginning to feel REALLY special.

Ms. Sheila’s Class on Cameron’s Birthday

A king’s crown for the Birthday Boy!

Hey Cameron! It’s GOOD to be the KING!

After school on my birthday, I had soccer practice. Oh yeah! I’m playing soccer again with my friends at the YMCA Twin Lakes Fall Soccer League. We’re the Purple Panthers. I know… ferocious name, isn’t it? Anyway, after practice, Mommy, Daddy, Grandad and Grandma Cooke had a birthday party for me at the YMCA with pizza, juice, and cupcakes. By this time… The entire Purple Panthers soccer team was jacked up on sugar and FULL of super-charged energy (probably from the sugar) and I got to hear the Happy Birthday Cameron song for the gazillionth time that day. And I was lovin’ every minute of it! “Cha! Cha! Cha!”

That’s all I really have to say right now. I’m sure there’s a lot more stored up in my noggin; but, I’ve shared the most important memories of my summer as best as I can recall them. I’m very grateful and thankful for my family, friends, God, football season, Spookie, montessori school, good health, Nilla wafers, YMCA soccer, apple juice, and definitely can’t forget cupcakes. Stay tuned, and I’ll get another blog re-capping Halloween 2012.

Do YOU want cupcakes?

Post a comment and/or write me when you can and let me know what you’ve been up to or what you enjoy(ed) about the Hey Cameron! blog. Until we blog again…

Hugs, High Fives & Kisses,

Cameron & Jordan

Hey Cameron! The San Diego Road Show!

Greetings from Sunny San Diego! Go San Diego! Go! OK… so, I’m not really in California right now; but, I wish I was, because the family vacation adventures of the Cooke Boys in San Diego were AWESOME! I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had. Wait… sure I can! That’s why we have the Hey Cameron! blog in the first place; But, before I get too far ahead of myself… WELCOME Ladies & Gentlemen to the Special Edition of Hey Cameron! The San Diego Road Show! Or as they say in San Diego, California… Errr… They say WELCOME there too. I’d also like to take the time to say Merry Summer! People always say Merry Christmas; but, that’s only at Christmas when there’s snow, Santa, and Baby Jesus. I love Summer, and if you live in Texas (like I do) it’s definitely already Summertime, so once again… Merry Summer!

Cooke Family – June 2012 – (l to r) Jason, Cameron, Anna & Jordan

I’ll do my best to stay on track with this Hey Cameron! blog; but, I’m 4.5 years old, so PLEASE forgive me if I veer off into a ridiculous and random tangent about kangaroos, cab drivers, or palm trees. I’ve been diligently working on the blog for almost 2 weeks since I returned from vacation, and it’s a monster! The easiest way to digest The San Diego Road Show is to start with Day One, then go to Day Two, Three… and so on. If you try to read it all in one sitting… A) You’re nuttier than a bag of peanut M&M’s. B) You lost a bet, or C) You are a TRUE fan and follower of Hey Cameron! blog and have been anxiously waiting for this monstrosity of an editorial novel to be released. Personally, I like the people in Group C. Grab your reading goggles, box o’ wine, pillow, blanket, popcorn, a bag of Skittles, and a Red Bull, cuz here we go! GO SAN DIEGO! GO!

Greetings from Sunny San Diego! Go San Diego! Go!

DAY ONE – “I want down!” and “Californians are slowwwwwwww”

I don’t remember sleeping the night before we left. I’m sure I did,because now that I think about it… I recall Daddy waking me up at 5:30am so we could get ready to jump on the airplane. It took me about 17secs to fly out of the bed and start putting on my clothes, which freaked Daddy out; because, I think he was sleep walking and didn’t realize he was having a real life conversation with an over anxious high energy 4.5yr old who has been dreaming about this trip to San Diego for almost 6 months.

Hey Cameron! and Jordan – San Diego Zoo – June 4th, 2012

I’m not sure WHAT was going on at Austin Bergstrom International Airport; but, there were Police everywhere and people were taking off clothes – belts, shoes, jackets, hats… putting money, watches, rings, and their bags to go through this weird machine. THEN… we had to walk through this Star Trek looking force field that beeped if you were a bad person (I think that’s why?).I kinda felt like a criminal. One lady got beeped and they took her away to a special section and then started checking her. Maybe she owed them money? I don’t know. Daddy said it was all because of some REALLY bad people from back in September of 2001 that did some horrible stuff.  What they do to you at the airport… Is that legal? Just freaky!

Daddy and Jordan on the airplane @ABIA – Austin, TX

I noticed when we got on the airplane, everybody thought we were famous, because they were all staring at us. Then I realized while I was watching “Yo! Gabba Gabba!” with my headphones on… Jordan was busy screaming “I want down! I want down! I want DOWN Daddy!”. You ever see those families at places and say to yourself… “Phew! I’m glad that’s not us!”. Yeah… we were THAT family. Oh the shame. I think Mommy distracted him with a Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bar and maybe a bag of Goldfish or a tranquilizer gun. I really don’t know, because Muno and Brobee had some things goin’ on during Yo! Gabba Gabba!, so I had to put my headphones back on and get back to the show. After that, Jordan was SUPER cool once he realized he could see the clouds and the Earth below us. Only thing that could have made the day more stressful… Clowns and Kangaroos. But, as you know… we won’t go there.

Hey Cameron! watching Yo! Gabba Gabba! on the airplane to San Diego

Once we arrived in Sunny San Diego, I realized it wasn’t even sunny. Then the Super Shuttle driver told us they call it “June Gloom”. Didn’t really matter to us. We were in San Diego, and the weather was NOT 97F Texas! In fact, it was about 59F and really comfortable. Must have been the weather, because I noticed… Californians are slowwwwww. It was a little after 12:30pm when we arrived at San Diego International Airport (SAN); but, Daddy’s watch said 2:30pm. They’re like 2hrs behind the speed of Texans. Just taking their time. For the record… this continued for the rest of the week until we got back to Texas.

View of our hotel – Hilton Bayfront San Diego, CA – June 2012

Art Sculpture outside San Diego Convention Center

This was only our 2nd time to stay in a hotel, and what a grand hotel it was! We stayed at The Hilton San Diego Bayfront. I’m not paid by the San Diego Tourist Board; but, I will say that this hotel is perfectly located next door to the San Diego Convention Center and across the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge from PETCO Park – Home of the San Diego Padres Baseball Team. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy… it’s located within a few minutes walk of San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter. How’s that for some Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising?

Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge View of PETCO Park – San Diego, CA – June 2012

We went to have some food, and wouldn’t you know it… there was a live band playing on the bayfront outside the hotel. I don’t know about you; but, I hear music… I dance. Jordan joined me with some kinda “chicken dance”. Jordan is funny! Are you kidding me with that chicken dance? Classic. That’s right! Jordan gets the Hey Cameron! “…Are You Kidding Me?” Award for his chicken dance AND his blatantly embarrassing “I want down! I want down! I want DOWN Daddy!” statement on the airplane.

After our “dance-a-thon”, we made our way to the San Diego Convention Center so we could pick up Mommy’s race day package. Oh yeah! I almost forgot! The whole reason we were even in San Diego was for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. They call it the Rock ‘n’ Roll because there is a band for every mile of the race. In case you forgot too… Mommy was running her 1st FULL 26.2mi marathon as part of Team in Training – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We are all so VERY proud of her; but, we’ll talk more about that coming up.

Mommy (Anna) and Jordan outside San Diego Convention Center

Friday, June 1st, 2012 – 38hr Countdown to Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

What else happened at San Diego Convention Center. Hmmmm… Let me see… Oh yeah! I almost forgot AGAIN! I met a couple of San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders! I asked Daddy if there were going to be anymore cheerleaders, or just the two? Dude looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well…  they took a picture with me, so that was AWESOME!

Hey Cameron! with San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders – Just the two?

It’s very rare that you meet people that you just can’t find a bad thing to say about them. People that make you smile when you say their name, or see their face. Nothing but pure love. That’s how me, Mommy, Daddy and Jordan feel about our friends Doug & Loretta Campbell. They drove down from Ventura, CA to spend the entire weekend with us in San Diego, and support/cheer on Mommy in her marathon. Daddy calls Doug “Brother Doug”. Doug calls Daddy “Brother Jase” or “Amigo”. Daddy’s like 80, and Doug is like 100, so a HUGE age difference between these two old dudes; but, it just seems to work, and they are great friends. Probably because they like to talk about cycling, high-tech work stuff, and whatever else old people talk about. I call him Doug, and he’s fantastic! And as for Loretta… one of the kindest ladies EVER! Because of that, I am making them the honorary Hey Cameron! Family Members of the Month. Congratulations Doug & Loretta Campbell! As you read the rest of the blog… you’ll see why they won this prestigious award. Ok, it’s not prestigious; but, it is pretty cool.

Hey Cameron! “Family Members of the Month” – Doug & Loretta Campbell

Just like at home in Texas… you have to eat so you won’t be hungry. We met a couple of guys from Turkey who owned pedi-cabs. That’s really just a fancy way of saying a bicycle that can carry people around town while playing music. I rode with Mommy and Loretta in the front pedi-cab. Daddy was in the back pedi-cab with Jordan and Doug. Only a mile or two; but, a really cool 1st experience for me and Jordan.

San Diego Pedi-Cab Experience – Me (Cameron), Mommy & Loretta – June 2012

1st night dinner in San Diego was at a place called Old Spaghetti Factory in the Gaslamp Historic Quarter. I don’t have that many requirements for a restaurant. Good food. Lemonade (or apple juice), and make sure you have crayons and something for me to color. Is that too much to ask? Old Spaghetti Factory gets 8 Stars for atmosphere, lemonade, good food, crayons and something for me to color, and a throne for a king (ME!) at the entrance of the restaurant. I like the number 8. Thought I should explain that, because most people say 4 or 5 stars.

Hey Cameron! Throne at Old Spaghetti Factory – Gaslamp Historic District

Loretta & Doug with Jordan @Old Spaghetti Factory – Gaslamp Historic District

Must have been the spaghetti combined with a long day of flying from Austin to San Diego; because, after a nice crisp walk back to the hotel, Jordan and I were exhausted! Funny thing is… it was only 8:00pm! Then I remembered… Oh yeah… Californians are slowwwwwwww, cuz it was actually 10:00pm in Texas. Way past our bedtime; but, hey… I’m on vacation!!!

Santa Fe Depot (Amtrak) – San Diego, CA – June 2012


DAY TWO – “If this big boat sinks…” and “Take me out to the ball gaaaaaaaaaame!”

Mommy and Daddy were definitely in California mode. Jordan and I did not sell out, and maintained our status as Texans. This loyalty to our home state of Texas didn’t really help us when we thought it was 6:51am; but, in San Diego… it was really 4:51am. After fearing for our lives, a compromise of going back to bed/watching cartoons on Daddy’s iPad was made so we could make our way LATER that morning over to the Gaslamp District for a special edition of Breakfast Club with Doug & Loretta at The Broken Yolk Cafe. Don’t get me wrong… I missed 620 Cafe in Round Rock, Texas; however, Broken Yolk was great! Just like the night before, Broken Yolk gets a Hey Cameron! 8 Stars for atmosphere, apple juice, crayons and something for me to color, and awesome pancakes and bacon. I’ve never met a piece of bacon I didn’t like (well… maybe that one time in Corpus Christi); but, Broken Yolk has wicked awesome yummy in the tummy bacon.

“Breakfast Club” at Broken Yolk – San Diego – (l to r) Loretta, Doug, Me (Cameron)

Hey Cameron! riding high with Doug outside Broken Yolk – Gaslamp District

Doug & Jordan after breakfast @Broken Yolk – 6.2.12

I believe Mommy had to take care of her race day obligations; therefore, after breakfast, me, Doug, Loretta, Jordan, and Daddy took the trolley system up to the ferry depot for a boat ride over to Coronado. As I sat there waiting for the boat to pull away from shore, I pondered life and realized… WOW! Jordan and I are REALLY lucky! We were having a LOT of fun in San Diego, California, and it was only DAY TWO!

Me (Cameron) and Jordan on the Trolley Car – San Diego, CA

I was feeling VERY thankful, because in less than 24hrs, we had been on 2 airplanes, a pedi-cab, a city tram/train, and now a boat. Then I pondered something else… If this big boat sinks… It’ll be bad! Cuz, then there won’t be enough room under the ocean for all the sharks and fish. Daddy OBVIOUSLY has no regards for the environment and others, because he says to me “Yeah Cameron… Nevermind the 100’s of humans that would inevitably drown”. He’s horrible! Can you please stop thinking about yourself for once Daddy? Geez!

Ferry Boat to Coronado, CA – June 2012

On the Ferry Boat to Coronado – me(Cameron), Daddy (Jason) and Jordan

view from the ferry boat of USS Midway – San Diego, CA

On the way to Coronado Ferry Landing

reverse view of USS Midway and downtown San Diego

Coronado Island, CA – Hey! Those bikes just jumped in my picture!

Welcome to Coronado Ferry Landing! Yep… that’s me (Cameron) in the lower right corner

Walking around Coronado Island

View of Coronado Ferry Landing

Skyline of San Diego from Coronado Island – June 2012

Once we got back to the San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel, we disembarked from our ferry boat in an orderly and polite manner. That’s when I saw the biggest most beautiful boat I have EVER seen in my life. At first I thought it was a space ship; but, then Daddy called it a Yahtzee or Jot… Wait… YACHT! That’s it… YACHT! Floats on water… I call it a BOAT. Whatever you want to call it… It was AWESOME! I know I use that word a lot; but, it really was AWESOME! If Superman had a boat… it would be this yacht. Like a Super Yacht. Apparently, they cost a lot of money, so I shrugged my shoulders and moved on; but, here are some pictures Daddy took of the “SUPER YACHT”.

Is that a boat or a space ship?

Whatever it is… it’s AWESOME!

Oh… it’s a YACHT?

Then I shall call it… “THE SUPER YACHT!”

Later that afternoon, Doug, Loretta, Daddy, Jordan and I went to the biggest and greatest baseball stadium I have ever seen in my life. PETCO PARK – Home of the San Diego Padres. Granted, I’ve only been to YMCA Twin Lakes and The Dell Diamond – Round Rock Express semi-pro baseball; however, it’s going to be hard to top this as my favorite part of the vacation. We walked across the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge that connected our hotel to the Gaslamp Historic District, and there it was in all it’s glory! PETCO PARK! I was beyond excited!

PETCO Park – Home of the San Diego Padres – June 2nd, 2012

PETCO Park – Padres vs Diamondbacks – 6.2.12

Hey Cameron! 1st MLB Game! Padres vs Diamondbacks 6.2.12

Daddy bought me a San Diego Padres ‘SD’ baseball cap, and from June 2nd, 2012… I don’t think I’ve gone a day without wearing it. He bought Jordan a baseball; but, then Doug & Loretta bought me aPadres t-shirt and Jordan a baseball cap too. It doesn’t get much better than this! Even though the Padres lost 4-2… I am proud to say that I saw my FIRST ever Major League Baseball (MLB) game in San Diego, California. I even ate a super pretzel and a hot dog. Maybe they would have won if they hit the ball more often and didn’t let the other team hit the ball so much. Oh well.

Hey Cameron! with my new San Diego Padres baseball hat

Daddy (Jason) and Jordan at PETCO Park – 6.2.12

For your viewing pleasure… Daddy filmed me making a brief instructional video of “How to run the bases”. Perhaps the Padres should watch it.

Now I see why they call it America’s pastime, because it was a spectacular experience well beyond my expectations that Jordan and I will never forget! Plus, we got to take lots of silly pictures with Daddy, so that’s always fun! AWESOME day!

Hey Cameron! and Daddy (Jason) at PETCO Park – 6.2.12

Cooke Boys @Padres Baseball Game – San Diego, CA – 6.2.12


DAY THREE – “26.2 miles… 26.2 miles!”

Mommy got up about 2:30am on Sunday morning. I don’t care if you’re in California or Texas. That’s EARLY! Nevertheless, this was the reason we were in San Diego. RACE DAY! After all those months of training, it was finally time for Mommy to meet her Team in Training group at 3:30am and head to the start line of The San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Jordan and I pretended to sleep; but, I know Daddy was up talking with Mommy and encouraging her that she was going to do great (even though she had an injured calf). You could see the pride on his face when he came back to the room, and rightfully so. What Mommy was about to accomplish, most people don’t even like to drive in a car! 26.2 miles… 26.2 miles! That’s crazy!

Anna Cooke – #24279 – 3am PT – Pre-San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 6.3.12

Doug showing his support for Team In Training. Go Purple!

Daddy had signed up for race updates via text, so when we got the message that she had started the race at 6:50am Pacific Time, we started making our way to the 3.8 mile mark so we could cheer for her as she passed us. Well… Thanks to Jordan… that didn’t happen! Good thing Loretta and Doug were on the ball, because they saw her run by. Next stop was 7.5 miles. We met up with Doug a couple miles from the hotel, and just in the nick of time… there was Mommy running by us! She stopped for about 10secs and then continued. It was a very cool moment for us all.

“Breakfast Club II” @Broken Yolk on Race Day – Me (Cameron), Doug & Jordan

After all that marathon watching, there was only one thing we could do to ease our weary souls. You got it! Breakfast Club. Why ruin a good thing? So… we went back to The Broken Yolk Cafe. That’s TWO days in a row! Yeah, it’s THAT good. The Usual Suspects were there. Me, Doug, Loretta, Daddy, and Jordan. This time I went with a Belgian Waffle. Lord help me, it was good! And bacon. Can’t forget the bacon. Everything’s better with bacon! Well… not everything. I recently heard about a bacon milkshake, and that’s just not right. What’s wrong with people?

Me and Jordan waiting at the Trolley Station – Old Town San Diego

This is where the story gets interesting. After breakfast at Broken Yolk we took the trolley from Gaslamp Quarter up to Old Town San Diego, then got off to catch a bus. Little did we know… we had to walk to the finishing line at Sea World. By now, the stroller hauling me and Jordan was destroyed and only had 1 out of 3 working wheels. Daddy and Doug did a relay race – trading off turns to push the buggy approx 5 miles. It was so frustrating that Jordan almost stole a pedi-cab; but, he couldn’t reach the pedals, so that was a bust! For all the complaining we did about the distance, it was nothing compared to the selfless suffering that Mommy did for 26.2 miles. When we saw her coming towards the finish line, it was a VERY special moment. Daddy lifted me over the fence so I could run across the line with her at 12:37:08 PT, with a race time of 05:46:47. That’s almost 6 hours of running. WOW! We can now PROUDLY say… we live with a Marathoner! Mommy is definitely a ROCKSTAR!

Mommy (Anna) crossing the finish line at 12:37:08 PT, with a race time of 05:46:47

Hey Cameron! congratulating Mommy (Anna) at the finish line – 6.3.12

Cameron & Anna after San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 6.3.12

Anna Cooke – ROCKSTAR #24279 – 26.2mi – 05:46:47 – 100% Pure Marathoner!

CONGRATULATIONS South Central Texas Team in Training! San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – 6.3.12

That night, we met Doug and Loretta at a place called Karl Strauss Brewing Company in the Gaslamp Quarter. By now, all of us were bushwhacked from the long day of the marathon event. Most of us would have fallen asleep if it wasn’t for the brilliance and radiant shine of Mommy’s marathon medal. She now has her own Mr T starter kit with that 26.2 mile marathon medal. I liked it! Not saying it goes with everything; but, if you got it… flaunt it! I think I fell asleep after that, because I don’t remember anything else that happened for the rest of the evening.

Hello! My Name is ANNA. I am a marathoner. Have you seen my medal?

Loretta @Karl Strauss Brewing Company – 6.3.12

Post Marathon Dinner @Karl Strauss Brewing – Cameron & Doug – 6.3.12


DAY FOUR- “KANGAROO! KANGAROO!” and “Mexican food is better in Texas”

Day Four began with mixed emotions. We were checking out of Hilton Bayfront Hotel, moving over to Embassy Suites, AND it was our last day with Doug and Loretta. Lucky for us, we were planning on spending a FULL day at San Diego Zoo before they headed back up to Ventura, California, so the Cooke Family was definitely looking forward to the day’s excursions. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; but, after already eating at the same place for two days straight… We figured that Broken Yolk for a third day in a row was a bit played out. Instead we went to Vela Restaurant. It was really nice! They had a buffet, so Jordan and I had yogurt, bagel, pancakes, waffle, bananas, apple juice, and of course… bacon. After seeing what Jordan and I could put down, my theory is that the Vela Restaurant will soon be changing their “free buffet breakfast for kids under 5” policy. Daddy got some kind of raisin packed french toast. He always eats crazy stuff. Mommy went with a fresh made omelet. It’s breakfast people. Can’t really make it any more exciting than that.

“Breakfast of Champions” at Vela Restaurant – Hilton Bayfront – San Diego, CA

Hey Cameron! Breakfast @Vela Restaurant – 6.4.12

Which reminds me. I had to call Mommy out at breakfast. It’s a known fact that I have a tendency to “speak my mind”; but hey… I’m FOUR. Mommy… she’s like 29, and just flat out lies! OK, lie is a harsh word. Let’s say… “substantially elaborates the truth”. I absolutely LOVE my little brother Jordan; but, I couldn’t take it any longer and had to ask Mommy… “Mommy, WHY when all I see is ‘scribble scrabble’ do you say ‘Good job Jordan! That looks GREAT!’. It’s NOT great Mommy! It’s ‘scribble scrabble’!” She then quoted Shakespeare, or Oprah by saying “Cameron… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I was like WHAT? Delusional. Scribble Scrabble I tell ya!

Jordan “The Artist” – Beauty in the eye of the beholder? Or ‘Scribble Scrabble’?

After breakfast, Doug and Loretta drove us to San Diego Zoo. I’ve been to Austin Zoo… interesting. San Antonio Zoo… rated in the Top 5 WORSE zoos in the world. That’s not very good. San Diego Zoo… NEVER seen anything like it! It is definitely the best zoo I have ever seen in my life, and you’ll have to bring your A to Z game to beat that experience. From the time you walk in, it’s like you’re in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Within seconds, we saw a peacock crossing the road in front of a double-decker tour bus. It was going to be a GREAT day!

Hey Cameron! and Jordan @San Diego Zoo – June 5th, 2012

Peacock vs Bus. Who Will Win?

Rainforest @San Diego Zoo, CA – June 5, 2012

San Diego Zoo – Lush Gorilla Compound – 6.4.12

San Diego Zoo – LUSH Rainforest home for the Gorillas

First things first, we made our way to the double-decker shuttle bus area. That was AWESOME! It goes around the entire zoo with open-air seating giving you close up and front row seating for the animals. We saw elephants, antelopes, camels, rhinoceros, cheetah, polar bear, regular bear, leopard, lions, hyenas, giraffes, and far too many animals for me to list and show pictures of here.

Hey Cameron! “These Animals Bite” – San Diego Zoo – 6.4.12







JORDAN – Careful. This Animal Bites!

Then I saw it… KANGAROO! KANGAROO! I’m not sure who saw who first. Our eyes locked on one another, and I instantly faced my greatest fear… the kangaroo. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not that scary when you’re in the safety of a double decker tour bus. Plus, the kangaroo was behind a fence. Oh… and did I mention the kangaroo was on a leash? Not sure if that was for my safety… or his.


Riding the Double Decker Bus w/Doug @San Diego Zoo

Jordan watching from the Double Decker Bus @San Diego Zoo

After taking the initial double decker tour bus that toured the San Diego Zoo, we jumped on the Express Bus. This was a really cool experience, because it stops at 5 different areas within the 100-acre zoo complex. More than anything, we all wanted to see the Panda Bears. Why? Because they’re cool. We waited quite a while to see them; but, it was well worth the wait! One of them was asleep the whole time. I couldn’t sleep with all those people staring at me, being all loud, and flashing cameras (Daddy). I’m just saying. The other Panda Bear couldn’t care less that we were there. He was sitting in a bathtub full of bamboo just staring at us and crunching away on bamboo.

PANDA BEAR – “Bamboo Lunch” – San Diego Zoo – 6.4.12

Hey Mr. Panda Bear… there’s no water in that tub!

Doug, Mommy and Jordan at The Panda Bears

Hey Cameron! Check out the lazy Panda sleeping in the tree

Hey Cameron! & Jordan @San Diego Zoo – June 4th, 2012

After the Pandas, we saw quite a few other animals throughout the massive zoo; but, to me, the Orangutans and the Gorillas were AWESOME! The Orangutans were all over the place, playful, and really funny! The Gorilla… dude was serious as all get out! Not sure if they were related or what; but, he and Daddy had a stare down. Naturally, Daddy lost, cuz the Gorilla had no interest in blinking, or flinching.

ORANGUTAN – what a fun word to say!

Daddy having a stare down with a Gorilla. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the Gorilla.

GORILLA – San Diego Zoo, CA

Overall, our San Diego Zoo excursion was fantastic! I HIGHLY recommend to anybody who is going to San Diego. You’ve gotta go!

Cooke Family – San Diego Zoo – June 5th, 2012

Doug and Loretta dropped us off at the Embassy Suites San Diego Bay, and I was VERY sad to see them go. They had become honorary members of our family for the past 4 days, and it was really weird to see them leave. After everything you’ve read in the blog… NOW do you see why Doug and Loretta Campbell are the honorary Family Members of the Month? THANK YOU Doug & Loretta for an awesome time with the Cooke Boys!

“Brother Doug” and “Brother Jase” – San Diego, CA – June 5th, 2012

As tough as it was to see our friends leave us after 4 days of pure fun… Mommy knows best, and had the perfect healing remedy for our sad hearts… MEXICAN FOOD! We were told by the concierge (who had lived in San Diego for practically her whole life) that the best Mexican restaurant was in Old Town San Diego. In fact, the restaurant was called Old Town Mexican Cafe. The atmosphere was electric! Once again, they had all the ingredients for a Hey Cameron! 8*Stars dining experience. Tortillas, rice and beans, crayons and something for me to color, great atmosphere, and wait for it… PINK lemonade and a TV with the LA Kings hockey game in the background. SOLD! Mommy and Daddy were all excited about some kind of slushy drinks called “Mexican Martini and Margaritas”. Whatever. Anyway, I think Mexican food is better in Texas; but, Old Town Mexican Cafe and Cantina definitely gets my recommendation and the Hey Cameron! 8*Stars approval rating.

Daddy (Jason) attacks a tortilla chip @Old Town Mexican Cafe & Cantina

Mommy (Anna) @Old Town Mexican Cafe & Cantina – Old Town San Diego – 6.4.12


DAY FIVE – “Crazy Pepsi Lady” and “Hey! I’m going to see SHAMU!!!”

Day Five was our last FULL day in San Diego. I won’t bore you with what I had for bacon, because you already know what I had for bacon. Moving on… this was one of the days Jordan and I were MOST excited about. Why? Four AWESOME words. Sea World San Diego! Code Word: SHAMU. As Randy would say on American Idol… it started out a bit pitchy… but, we worked it out! Mommy and Daddy thought it would be fun if we took the trolley service up to Old Town, and then transferred via #9 Bus that drops you off right in front of Sea World. Gotta tell you though… it was weird without Doug and Loretta.I mourned for about 1min 51sec, and then I remembered “Hey! I’m going to see SHAMU!!!”.

“Deep Thoughts” by Hey Cameron!

Jordan and I were pretty excited at the idea of being on another train; however, that’s when the incident with “Crazy Pepsi Lady” occurred. We were standing at American Plaza Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), minding our own business, waiting on the Blue Line up to Old Town, when all of a sudden, a crazy homeless lady looked straight at me from the other side of the track, and THREW a 2-liter Pepsi bottle at me! We were all in shock!

Daddy and Jordan at American Plaza Station (prior to “Crazy Pepsi Lady”)

Good thing Mommy has jungle cat marathon quickness, because it barely missed me! My heart was racing like a rabbit; but, we just couldn’t understand what made her throw something at a 4.5yr old, let alone a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi? Maybe I was looking at her wrong? Sorry. People Watching is free, and I’m not going to apologize for that. In fact, if People Watching was an Olympic sport, me, Mommy, Daddy, and Jordan would have a couple of Olympic medals – cuz, we’re THAT good at People Watching! One of the Metropolitan Transit System workers came over and talked to us about what happened. I think the Police went looking for her. Oooooh… That lady is gonna be in trouble! She needs to be put in the penalty box! Or jail!

Me and Daddy BEFORE Shamu jumped out of the water

Me and Daddy AFTER Shamu jumped out of the water

Shamu “One Ocean” Show @Sea World San Diego – 6.5.12

Crazy Pepsi Lady aside, the trolley and bus ride was yet another fun and exciting experience for me and Jordan. The #9 Bus dropped us off at the front gate of Sea World. That’s when the magic began! First thing we saw was the Shamu “One Ocean” Show at the appropriately named Shamu Stadium. Highly entertaining and definitely recommended by Hey Cameron!

Mommy, Jordan and Me at Shamu Stadium – 6.5.12

Daddy and Jordan at Shamu Stadium

If you can’t tell… I’m just a LITTLE bit excited about seeing Shamu

Sure, Shamu is my favorite animal on the planet, so I’m a little bit biased; but, I don’t care who you are… there’s no denying that big fish can put on a GREAT show! Words can’t truly describe the awesomeness of Shamu; therefore, hopefully my pictures and video bring it to life for you.



1… 2… 3… 4… That’s a lot of Shamu!

Shamu sunbathing at Sea World San Diego

Shamu and Shamu flying at Shamu Stadium

And for the Grand Finale… SHAMU x 2!

When I think of Cirque de Mer, I think of acrobats. When Daddy thinks of Cirque de Mer, he thinks of clowns. Yeah, I can kinda see that! What we didn’t know… Jordan and Daddy BOTH have a fear of clowns. Jordan was clinging to Daddy like he saw a bunch of ghosts walking towards him! Meanwhile, Daddy was holding on to Jordan like he saw… well… a bunch of clowns walking towards him. Mommy was calm and cool (as always).

Cirque de Mer @Sea World San Diego – 6.5.12

Daddy and Jordan’s worst nightmare… CLOWN!

CORRECTION: Daddy and Jordan’s worst nightmare… ANOTHER CLOWN!

Clown… Alien… Acrobat… or Super Hero?

For me, I think acrobats look like clowns; but, they are like super heroes, because they can fly all over the place and do flips and cool stuff everywhere. Even Daddy had to admit that although their appearance was quite frightening, they REALLY know how to put on a fantastic show. Cirque de Mer – Highly entertaining and definitely recommended by Hey Cameron!

Cirque de Mer acrobat… Reporting for duty! SIR!

Cirque de Mer – incredible acrobats!

Cirque de Mer – How do they do that?

Cirque de Mer – I think this guy might be Spider Man

A beautiful day at Cirque de Mer – Sea World San Diego – 6.5.12

After that, we saw some Sea Turtles, then went by the Bat Rays and got to touch them. We also saw feeding time for the Sea Lions. They make even more noise than Jordan!

Sea Turtle at Sea World San Diego

Touching the Bat Rays at Sea World San Diego

Jordan grinning like a Cheshire Cat by the Sea Lions

Feeding Time at the Sea Lions – Sea World San Diego

Can we PLEASE go see the Sharks now?

Two of my favorite words… Shark Encounter. It’s basically a big aquarium type place where you encounter sharks. Well… not really, because Jordan and I tried to jump in the shark tank with the sharks; however, the glass is 20-inches thick, and Jordan and I can only kick and eat through about 14-inches of glass. Oh well. The Shark Encounter was wicked awesome!


Me (Cameron) and Jordan… After our failure to enter the shark tank

Awesome view at Shark Encounter – Sea World San Diego – 6.5.12


Daddy’s camera battery died, so we didn’t get a whole lot of pictures of Wild Arctic Experience; but, that is something that shouldn’t be missed. Next time Daddy… get a backup battery. Geez! We got to see a couple of Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, and a Walrus that was sooooooooooo big… we actually thought he was an oversized rock. Then he moved and we realized… Nope. He’s alive. By now, it was late in the afternoon, so we slowly made our way up to the Dolphin Stadium so we could watch Blue Horizons. Another spectacular Sea World show with very talented dolphins, birds, acrobats, and divers. If you think you’re exhausted reading about all this stuff… try doing it all. Jordan and I were bushwhacked!

We thought this was a rock. WRONG! It’s a WALRUS! He’s HUGE!

Don’t tell me… there’s a Polar Bear behind me… isn’t there?

Earlier in the week, Mommy had mentioned that we could get something from either the San Diego Zoo, or Sea World. I knew all along that I was going to hold out for Sea World, because they have Shamu and sharks. Sure, the zoo is cool; but. deep down, I think Mommy and Daddy knew there was about a 99.99999% chance that I was going to leave Sea World with a shark. Jordan also got a shark. NICE! It was a really great day at Sea World with SHAMU, dolphins, polar bears, sea turtles, sea lions, walrus, bat rays, belugas, and of course SHARKS!

Hey Cameron! and “Mr Shark” at Sea World San Diego – 6.5.12

What a fantastic way to end what was for me… the best week of my entire life. Thank You! In case you’re wondering about Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising for this blog entry… I think it’s pretty obvious. Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising for the Hey Cameron! Special Edition blog goes to The City of San Diego! Go San Diego! Go! What an AWESOME week in an amazing city! Lasting memories from a wonderful family vacation. On the way back to Texas, I was even rewarded as a TSA Junior Officer at the San Diego Airport. There’s just one more thing left to say… I LOVE SAN DIEGO!

Hey Cameron! TSA Junior Officer – Since June 6, 2012

Hey Cameron! and Jordan @ABIA – Back Home in Austin, Texas! – 6.6.12

I trust and hope you SURVIVED and enjoyed my recap of The San Diego Road Show! Take care my friends and family members! Until we blog again…

Hugs, High Fives & Kisses,

Cameron & Jordan

Hey Cameron! Smells Like Summer 2012 Edition

Cameron (4.5yrs) and Jordan (2.5yrs) – May 2012

WELCOME to Hey Cameron! Smells Like Summer 2012 Edition. I’m not going to waste 12mins of your time trying to explain why I haven’t updated my blog in a couple of months; cuz, that would be like having pancakes without maple syrup and bacon. Just NOT good at all! Instead, I will say “Hey! How you doin’?” to the lovely ladies, and “wassup!” to the guys. If it’s alright with you, I’d also like to give a loud and joyful Dobrodošli to my brothers and sisters in Croatia! For those who don’t speak Croatian, that’s dough-bro-DOUGH-shlee. Or, you can just say WELCOME Croatia! (and the rest of the world).

Hey Cameron! The Cooke Boys @Chuy’s – May 2012

Last time we conversed, I was just about to start my 4th YMCA Soccer Season. I recall mentioning that my teams for the past 3 seasons had all been GREEN – Fall 2010 (Green Giants), Spring 2011 (Green Dragons), Fall 2011 (Green Sparks). As I mentioned previously, I was really hoping that we would be red or blue. Nope. I had to go and joke that I’d even be alright with “construction worker orange”. What color do you think we got? That’s right… Construction worker ORANGE. You can see us coming from a mile away! Bright like the sun. Oh well, it was better than getting green again. Doesn’t really matter what color I’m in, because I’m blazin’ fast and look good in ALL colors. Not bragging. Just a fact.

Cameron #8 – YMCA Spring Soccer 2012

Our coach was Coach Amy, and our team was called The Fire Balls. We were AWESOME! And I’m not just saying that because I was on the team. We just were. I think we lost one game; but, that was because it was on a Thursday at 5:30pm in the Texas heat after a full day of school. Who does that? Who schedules a game at that time for 4yr olds? In fact, I heard a parent or two mention that it should be margarita happy hour time instead of soccer game time. Yeah, I wasn’t at my best that day; but, we still dominated the rest of our SATURDAY games.

#8 – Cameron

Cameron in action! GO FIRE BALLS!

YMCA Spring Soccer 2012 – “The Fire Balls” – Age 4yrs

Speaking of Texas heat… After T-Ball last year, I’m staying out of the heat and going indoors this summer. Jordan Caleb and I are taking swim lessons at Nitro Swim in Cedar Park, TX. We start the week after we get back from San Diego, California. It’s going to be awesome! Right now, I sink like a rock in a swimming pool; but, not if somebody is there to catch me and take me around the pool. We just had Memorial Day Weekend here in Texas. I think they have it in California, Jamaica, Michigan, New York, Washington D.C., Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Hawaii, Sweden, Peru, Canada and… I think that’s it.

Jordan (2.5yrs) and Cameron (4.5yrs) – May 2012

We went over to one of Daddy’s friend’s house – Jeff & Ellen. Well, they’re my friends now! I had a BLAST jumping in and out of the pool. Jeff would catch me as I jumped in, and then he tried to teach me how to swim. Jordan… he was scared out of his mind. He wouldn’t come in the pool, which is a real problem. Because, if you are going to take swim lessons, then Mommy says you HAVE to get in the pool. Eventually, he got in. Then we couldn’t stop him from jumping in the pool. He jumped in and out so many times that they were going to call the police and fire dept to stop him from jumping in; but, then Jeff said that the hot dogs and tater tots were ready, so Jordan was hungry and didn’t jump in anymore.

So, let’s go back to Memorial Day, because it is VERY important that we remember the soldiers. Or, as I like to call it… “Soldier Day”. I even made a video tribute to all the soldiers around the world who fight and protect us every single day so we are safe, free, and able to live fun and happy lives.
Oh hey! We got hair cuts during Memorial Day Weekend! Jordan cried like a 2yr old. Granted… he IS a 2yr old; but, come on! REALLY Jordan?
Also during Memorial Day Weekend, we went to a place called Shady Grove with our friends Brad & Kelly McGinnis. I think Kelly was in a movie called Top Gun back in the 80’s. Oh wait… sorry… that was Kelly McGillis. Similar… but, different. Anyway, they are awesome and I really like them. That’s all I have to say about that.

Cameron and Jordan @Shady Grove w/ The McGinnis’

Cameron & Jordan @Shady Grove, Austin, TX – May 2012

I like food. It’s really good. Always stops me from feeling hungry. If you know me by now, you already know that pancakes and bacon are my absolute favorite foods. I’m also quite fond of flavored shaved ice. Mmmmm… Yummy in the tummy! Daddy created something with me and Jordan called “Breakfast Club”. Kinda like “Fight Club”; but, we don’t fight… or make soap. We eat. Pancakes. Bacon. Breakfast Club is every Saturday morning, and 9 out of 10 times, it’s at 620 Cafe on Hwy 620 in Round Rock, TX. We’re actually quite famous.

Hey Cameron! “Breakfast Club” @620 Cafe – May 2012

Typically, “Breakfast Club” is reserved for “The Cooke Boys”; but, we LOVE to have special guest appearances. Sometimes, Mommy joins us, Grandad Cooke, Grandma Cooke, Aunt Portia (when she’s in town), Chad, Katie & Maui Meg came with us when they stayed for Daddy’s birthday weekend, our friend Melissa stopped by a few weeks ago, and even our friend Howard joined us this past weekend before he became a Daddy to a baby girl on Tuesday, May 29th, 2012. So, from the “Breakfast Club” and crew at Hey Cameron! blog… WELCOME TO THE WORLD Reese Rogers!

Anna & Cooke Boys @Breakfast Club

Grandad Cooke joined us @620 Cafe for Breakfast Club

Grandad Cooke – Part TWO @Breakfast Club. Check out Jordan pouting in the corner because he wanted his pancakes and bacon NOW!

Howard joined us for Breakfast Club @620 Cafe

Cooke Boys – Jordan, Daddy & Cameron @620 Cafe for Breakfast Club (no special guests that week)

What else is going on? Hmmm… we built a deck on the back of the house. Well… not WE as in me, Jordan, Mommy and Daddy, because that would just be disastrous! Our friend Bobby Lanier built it. Then we got it stained by Felix the Painter. I don’t know his last name. We just call him Felix the Painter. Cuz he paints. He painted pretty much every room in our house. My room, Jordan’s room, the playroom, media room, kitchen, study, mommy and daddy’s room, the bathrooms… WOW! That’s a LOT of painting! Anyway, after that, Grandad came over and installed a couple of super cool ceiling fans (pun intended) and strung up Christmas lights around the edge of the deck so we can see at night. The finishing touch was adding furniture. A couple of chairs, a fire pit, and a dining table with 6 chairs so we can eat outside when the weather is nice. I really like it! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling Mommy, “You know what would make this deck REALLY nice? A TV outside!”. Mommy didn’t really say anything; but, I’ve seen that look before. I didn’t stick around to see what was gonna happen after that. I was born in the morning; but, not THIS morning! I was outta there!


Cooke Casa Stage 0 – There’s NOTHING pretty about this

Cooke Casa Stage 1 – Bobby starts the framework

Cooke Casa Stage 2 – It’s starting to look like a REAL deck now!

Cooke Casa Stage 3 – The deck is complete. Now time to add stain, ceiling fans, lighting, and furniture!

Cooke Casa Stage 4 – Deck. Check. Arbor. Check. Stain. Check. Ceiling Fans. Check. Furniture. Check! (does not show lighting yet)

Cooke Casa Deck 1 @ night w/lighting by Art G. Cooke (aka Grandad)

Cooke Casa Deck 2 @ night w/lighting by Art G. Cooke (aka Grandad)

I feel like I’m forgetting something BIG. Oh yeah! Mommy went to Atlanta, Georgia on business a few weeks ago, which can mean only one thing… KIDWATCH 2012! That’s right! It was back! And Jordan, Spookie, and I couldn’t have been happier. Daddy on the other hand… he looked frantic and confused about 97.246% of the time. He thinks I don’t know how to work a computer or read what he writes on Facebook. Duh! I’ve been writing a blog for over FOUR years! HELLO!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Here are some of his posts he put on Facebook. Ridiculous.

KIDWATCH 2012 – DAY 1… Doesn’t matter how cute they are… When you wake up knowing somebody’s watching you sleep, it’s flat out creepy. Now… Add Jordan (2.5yrs) singing “The wheels on the bus go round ‘n’ round…” and you quickly realize you’re the main character in a Stephen King novel. Granted… They still need food, so for now I’m considered an asset. At least that’s what the 4.5yr old (Cameron) said to the cat (Spookie).

Me (Hey Cameron!) and Jordan – KIDWATCH 2012 – DAY 1

KIDWATCH 2012 – Day 1 Dinner. Well… Apparently the “smart allic” gene is hereditary. ME: “Cameron… What do you want at Chik-fil-A?” Dude says “CHICKEN”. Then looks at me like I’m the dumbest person on Earth. Ok folks! eBay bidding starts at $12 + $399 S&H (FREE local delivery) — at Chick-fil-A / Cedar Park.

Hey Cameron! enjoying Chik-Fil-A during KIDWATCH 2012

Jordan & Cameron enjoying an evening out with Daddy at Chik-Fil-A during KIDWATCH 2012

KIDWATCH 2012 – Day 1 – Jordan rolled in lookin’ like a Nick Nolte mug shot when i picked him up from school today. Either he fought a bobcat… or got caught in the middle of a paintball war. Needless to say… Bath well earned son!

BATH TIME! Cooke Boys – KIDWATCH 2012

KIDWATCH 2012 – Day 2. The morning started off well until… “The Incident”. As I’m taking a picture of “The Traitor” (previously known as Cameron) he yells out “Go Longhorns!”. Being his Father and a fair Aggie… I gave him a 3 second head start. Right now… I think he’s halfway to Waco, TX.

BIG MISTAKE! Cameron “pretending to be a Longhorn”?

KIDWATCH 2012 – Day 2. What the heck is going on up in here!!! Thinking I would get redemption from the 2.5yr old, I ask him to say “Gig ‘Em Aggies” and he throws up Texas TECH guns??? By the time I got to 1… 2… he was on a neighbors skateboard to Wisconsin.

ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE! Jordan “pretending to be a Texas Tech Red Raider”?

KIDWATCH 2012 – Day 2 Dinner. For some bizarre reason, the boys had balloons when I picked them up. Balloons remind me of clowns… And we all know what I think of clowns. Despite their treason this morning, jalapeño ranch cures all. Frozen Margarita might help too!

KIDWATCH 2012 – Day 2 Dinner @Chuy’s w/Cooke Boys

KIDWATCH 2012 – Day 3 – El Grande Finale! Well… “The Alliance” is broken. Jordan (2.5yrs) woke me up saying… “Daddy! Daddy! Spookie poop on the floor!” about 10x. Obviously, Spookie tried to defend himself; but, since I don’t speak CAT it just sounded like “Meow mare mi mow meow!”. Then Cameron (4.5yrs) says… “That’s not poop! It’s a hair ball! Ewwww… That’s disgusting! Who wants pancakes?”. This ain’t the Holiday Inn Express son!

Daddy (Jason) and Jordan Caleb – May 2012

KIDWATCH 2012 is “Officially” over. It’s been real y’all! Naturally, I couldn’t end KIDWATCH w/out a fireworks show, so I told the Cooke Boys “Mommy and I need to take you shopping for boots, a hard hat, and some overalls… Cuz tomorrow you start your jobs at the mine”. Contrary to popular belief… Cameron was MORE excited than the day I told them they’d be working at Target.

Cameron & Mommy (Anna) at Jardin Corona Mexican Restaurant

OK, I’m taking over my blog again. Last blog, I awarded not ONE… not TWO… but THREE awards to the same person. Mommy cleaned house by taking the “…Are You Kidding Me?”, “Family Member of the Month”, and “Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising” awards for the 1st time EVER! It was monumental and a very proud moment for the Hey Cameron! blog. This time around… Not so much. Out of pity, because it was Daddy’s birthday on May 3rd, I am awarding Daddy (aka Jason Cooke) with the“Family Member of the Month” award.

Jordan Caleb and Daddy – May 2012

While we’re at it… Daddy also gets the “…Are You Kidding Me?” award for the Hey Cameron! Smells Like Summer 2012 Edition. Please Cameron. Tell us WHY? Ok, I will. Because he says he turned 42, when clearly he looks at least 44. “…Are You Kidding Me?” 42? So riddle me this… how is it that Mommy is 29 and okay accepting her age; but, you feel the need to drop a few years off to make yourself “appear younger”? I say OWN it! When people ask me “How old are you Cameron?” I say four and a half. NOT 4. Not 5. I say my true age… 4.5yrs old. Even Jordan knows he’s TWO! Granted, he looks bigger than everyone in his class… even though he’s actually one of the youngest. Check out Jordan’s class picture. I don’t know why they didn’t put him on the back row. Something tells me they asked him… and he said… “Nooooooooo!”. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Jordan’s funny! He thinks he can do whatever he wants.

Jordan (blue stripes) – Brushy Creek Montessori – Toddler 1 Class – Spring 2012

Let’s get back to Daddy again. FORTY TWO? 42? “…Are You Kidding Me?”. If anything, despite the lying about ages, I was just really happy that some of our friends came to stay with us at our house in Austin. Thanks to Maui Meg from N. Carolina, Chad from Amarillo, and Katie from Ft. Worth. Anyway, here are some pictures from Daddy’s “Cinco de Mayo 42nd Annual Extravaganzapalooza” birthday weekend.

Daddy about to get on a train to Downtown Austin – May 2012

Daddy (Jason) & Mommy (Anna) at Lustre Pearl, Austin, TX – May 5, 2012

Daddy (Jason) with our friend Melissa in the background – May 5, 2012

Daddy (Jason); Mommy (Anna); and our friend Chad – Clive Bar – May 5, 2012

Mommy (Anna) & Daddy (Jason) – Cinco de Mayo Birthday Extravaganzapalooza!

As much grief as I give Daddy, he’s good for some things. He has a LOT of connections and friends to get us into stuff for free. Since we last blogged, I’ve been to the Cedar Park Center THREE TIMES! 1st time to see the Texas Stars AHL Hockey. Mommy got us tickets from her friend at work. We sat with our friends Brian & Melissa. They have season tickets. The 2nd time Melissa gave us tickets for the Texas Stars last hockey game of the season. It was really special because one of the players gave me an official Texas Stars hockey puck. Yeah, I slept with it for about 4 or 5 days. The 3rd time I went to Cedar Park Center, Daddy’s friend Darren got us into a suite to see Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3. All three times were AWESOME!

Hey Cameron! (me); Jordan and Mommy (Anna) at Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3

Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3 – Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park, TX

Me, Jordan & Mommy at Texas Stars Hockey game – Cedar Park Center

Texas Stars Hockey Game w/Cooke Family and our friends The Duclos’

Texas Stars Hockey – “Face-Off” – Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park, TX

Me (Cameron) and Daddy with my OFFICIAL Texas Stars hockey puck

Texas Stars hockey players say “THANK YOU” to the fans – last game of season

Which reminds me… I asked Daddy the other day a simple question. “Why are cows ALWAYS eating?”. Daddy says: “Because they’re hungry. Don’t you eat when you’re hungry?”. I was like “Yeah… But, not ALL the time! Why don’t they go play with the other cows?”. Daddy said “__________________”. In other words… he said NOTHING! Because he doesn’t know. Keep in mind, this is the same brother that is scared of clowns; but, had the audacity to ask me “Cameron… What’s the deal with you and kangaroos?”. Like he was Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes. He recorded it so you can finally understand the mystery of why I’m afraid of kangaroos. We still don’t know why he’s scared of clowns. And I don’t wanna know.

OK, enough about Daddy. During the time we have been away, we had Mother’s Day. I sang a nice song for Mommy. Jordan… well… he disrupted the scene as always.

While Mommy was away during KIDWATCH 2012, I sang another song for Mommy called “Do You Care for Others”. As I was getting into my song and got to the “…And the PASSION” portion of the song, Jordan RUINED it by saying, “I’m a pig! Oink! Oink! Oink!”. Made me forget my words. Oh well… still enjoyable.

Oh yeah… almost forgot. Mommy and Daddy celebrated their Wedding Anniversary! Which is pretty funny to me, because it seems like EVERY year they are celebrating this wedding anniversary thing. I believe they’re up to SIX YEARS now! Why don’t you just be honest and say… “Hey Cameron and Jordan, we’d really like to go out to eat WITHOUT YOU”. Geez! Anyway, here is a picture of them on their wedding day – May 15, 2006 in Nassau, Bahamas. I also put up a picture that Daddy took of Mommy at their fancy Perry’s Steakhouse dinner together (without me and Jordan).

Anna & Jason Cooke – May 15, 2006 – Wedding Day – Nassau, Bahamas

Anna – May 15, 2012 – 6yr Anniversary dinner @Perry’s, Austin, TX

During my last blog, I debuted a new segment called “Cooke Family Road Trips”. It is about Cooke Family Road Trips. It’s kinda like when you go to Broadway in New York to see “CATS”. It better be a play about CATS! Nobody wants to see clowns and kangaroos. Especially bad combination for me and Daddy. I remember one time, Daddy told me that when he was dating Mommy, he knew he really loved her a LOT because he sat through a movie with her called “The Upside of Anger”. After 120mins, which is like 2 hours, he said “I still don’t know what the ‘Upside of Anger’ is!”. Not here my friends. Not this day! Not under MY watch! “Cooke Family Road Trips” is taking it’s show on the road to San Diego this weekend. Doug & Loretta Campbell will be joining us from Ventura, CA. They’re REALLY cool, so should be fun hanging out with them all weekend. We’ll be going to PETCO Stadium to see a San Diego Padres baseball game on Saturday; Mommy’s marathon on Sunday; San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park on Monday; Then the grandaddy of them all… SHAMU, sharks and SeaWorld on Tuesday!

Can somebody please explain “The Upside of Anger”?

I have NO idea how Jordan Caleb’s going to make it on an airplane, because dude doesn’t even like to sit still during dinner, let alone on a sealed cabin that flies 30,000ft in the air with a bunch of people he doesn’t know. If it’s anything like the reaction he had when Daddy told us “Boys… your mother and I wanted to let you know that we will no longer be sending you to Montessori School. Today, you start your jobs at Target”. Me? I was excited! I LOVE TARGET!!! Jordan… not so much.

Red Shirt. Khaki Pants. Who wants to work at Target?

My first clue should have been the fact he had us dressed up in the Target red shirts with the khaki pants. Man, I was really hoping I could work, so I could get like 1 Million Billion and Seventy Dollars! Unfortunately, Daddy was just joking. Not cool. To say the very least… This vacation is gonna be interesting. Nothing special for ya right now (because we haven’t left yet); but, I’ll have a separate blog 100% dedicated to our adventures in San Diego… and it will be SPECTACULAR!

Jordan takes the news he will be working at Target HARD

In the meantime, I wanted to do something I don’t do very often… REPEAT the recipient of “Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising” Award. And here’s why… At the beginning of 2012, Mommy set a goal to complete a FULL marathon (26.2mi) with her running group Team in Training (TNT) as part of a fundraising effort benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Fast forward almost 6 months later, and the time is now HERE! She runs the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on June 3rd.

Jordan, Mommy (Anna) & Me (Cameron) – Austin 10/20 (15K) Race

Daddy came up with an idea for her to carry a list of people who have battled the dreaded cancer, so she can remember each one of them as she runs her 26.2 miles. I don’t know what is more moving… the fact that so many people responded to her message… or that there are so many names of loved ones, family members, friends, co-workers, who have been affected by this horrible disease.

Cooke Family @Austin 10/20 (15K) Race

Nevertheless, for 2012, Team in Training – Austin Chapter is dedicating their season and participation in the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon to a gentleman named Ruben Garza. Although he lost his battle with cancer, Ruben Garza wrote these memorable words as he was diagnosed with cancer for the THIRD TIME! They are words we can (and should) live by:


 “Others call it dying. I’ve only ever known to call it living. If you see me, see me, the life. Our time under the sun should not want an umbrella, but instead let’s look up, get dizzy, go blind with life. Our time under the rain should not want an umbrella, but, instead let’s look up, get soaked, and drink up life. The day will not come when my presence will be subtracted from your life going on. It will change, but not be lost. The physical will become intangible, spiritual, faithful. Do your best to become childlike in these moments. It will be real. You will mourn away the physical and embrace the change, the presence will not fail you. Know this in your head and your heart, be faithful to this truth.”

 ~ Ruben Garza ~

Once again, the Hey Cameron! Smells Like Summer 2012 Edition PROUDLY announces the REPEAT recipient for “Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising” Award…

Team in Training – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Team in Training (TNT) and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)

Mommy (Anna) and our friend Catherine – Team in Training – Austin 10/20 (15K) Race

I don’t want to end the Hey Cameron! Smells Like Summer 2012 Edition on a sad or serious note; therefore, just in case you want a good laugh before you go… I thought I’d share a quick story with you. When I was a baby, I used to HATE it when Mommy and Daddy would put lotion on me. I would kick and cry, slap and punch. Whatever it took to get them off me! Daddy used to pretend to be a boxing coach and tell me “Come on kid! You’ve gotta keep that jab goin’ kid! Don’t let ’em take ya in the 1st round kid!”. As I got older… I realized he was tricking me so he could put lotion on me. Now that I’m 4.5yrs old, I really like it. So does Jordan. Anyway, Mommy recorded me and Daddy doing “Come on Kid”. ENJOY!

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know how you all are doing. Remember to stay tuned for “San Diego Times – Cooke Family Road Trips” on the next edition! Until we blog again…

Brother Jordan at Montessori School – Open House Night – May 2012

Hey Cameron! (me) at Montessori School – Open House Night – May 2012

Hugs, High Five’s & Kisses,

Cameron & Jordan

Hey Cameron! The “Big Picture” SPRING 2012 Edition

WELCOME to Hey Cameron! The “Big Picture” SPRING 2012 Edition. It’s great to be back! Are you ready? I hope so! Find a comfy chair, pillow, blanket, 64oz of caffeine, rack of lamb, bag of Skittles, can of salted peanuts, and hold on tight… Because the Spring 2012 Hey Cameron! blog is jam packed with stories, photos, and videos like never before! I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself,so let me start by welcoming the ladies. Hello Ladies! Gentlemen… it is ok that you are here too. I’d also like to give a warm and hearty VELKOMMEN to the people of Fjord Norway. Don’t actually know anybody there. Just heard it was a really cool place that Mommy and Daddy want to visit. Hmmm… when they say “COOL”, I’m not sure if that means the people, or the weather. Either way… Welcome Norway! (and the rest of the world).

Hey Cameron! The "Big Picture" SPRING 2012 Edition

I know that a lot of you have been wondering why I haven’t written a blog since Christmas. I’m going with cold weather as my excuse. January – it was cold. February – it was cold. That’s why you haven’t heard from me since the Christmas Edition. Yeah, it’s cold at Christmas too; but, at least there’s turkey, family, Santa Claus and Baby Jesus. So I can be more efficient, Daddy provided me with a word called “LAZY”. He says it means “already or previously occupied while engrossed and absorbed in something of great importance and stuff”. I like that. Very succinct. Just one word that takes the place of so many. LAZY. I shall use this word more often.

Cameron & Jordan - "Turquoise Shirt Day" - Feb 2012

Hey Cameron! Two Wild & Crazy Guys!

Well… it’s SPRING in Austin, Texas. Time to get out of the house, into the sunshine, and back on the soccer field! In fact, I just started Spring soccer (1st game is Saturday, March 31st). Even though I’m only 4.5yrs old, this will be my 4th YMCA Soccer Season. Fall 2010 (Green Giants), Spring 2011 (Green Dragons), Fall 2011 (Green Sparks), and now Spring 2012 (TBD) with Coach Amy. I’m really hoping that we get BLUE or RED jerseys this season, cuz I’ve about had it with GREEN! At this point, I’ll even take Construction Worker Orange. Jordan is still too young to play soccer at YMCA. He’s only 2. But, following in his big brother’s footsteps, he started Sport Ball at our Montessori school. He’s very excited. Even though I don’t think he has any clue what he’s doing. At least he’s walking and talking. Well… sort of. More like stumblin’ bumblin’ tumblin’ and rumblin’. Jordan’s got some wheels though. Kid can move. And he’s got magnificent hand – eye coordination. Just last week, I saw him launch a football from his hand right at Daddy’s eye. He said “Sorry Daddy”; but, deep down, he was secretly laughing his diaper off! Me? I prefer the direct approach, so I laughed out loud. Hey wait a second… so THAT’S why I didn’t get any yogurt pretzels as a special treat. It’s all starting to make sense now.

Hey Cameron! I love quesadillas!

Speaking of special treats… Sometimes if we’re really good, listen to Mommy and Daddy, eat all our dinner, and clean up all our toys, we get a special treat. Like yogurt pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks, animal crackers, or my favorite… MARSHMALLOWS! Back in January, Mommy went out of the country to a place called Arizona. I’m assuming it’s out of the country. She went on an airplane. Could be in North America for all I know. Nevertheless, Daddy looked after us for what he calls KIDWATCH 2012! Seems a bit dramatic of a title if you ask me. Kinda like when there’s a storm coming to town, and the weather people get all giddy and excited about weather that could destroy our homes. Then they come up with stupid titles like “ARCTIC BLAST 2012!” or “TEXAS FREEZE 2012!”. Some of them even go as far as naming Hurricanes. Really? “HURRICANE RAUL is in the Gulf of Mexico heading to Texas folks as a Category 1 at 140mph! So let’s get prepared”.  Get prepared? Give me an iPad, a couple of coloring books w/crayons, some snacks and a gallon of lemonade (milk or juice will also suffice) and I’m gold. I don’t think Uncle Raul would appreciate a hurricane named after him. Anyway, my point is these people (and Daddy) like to exaggerate a situation to it’s fullest capacity for drama and effect.

Hey Cameron! Yeah... I see it too Jordan

Getting back to where I was before I reeled off course with the weather man story… I kinda like KIDWATCH, because Daddy gets all nervous and freaked out. As Jordan would say, “That’s funny!”. And it is! Jordan and I merely have to go in a corner and pretend like we’re saying something to each other, and then he thinks we’re plotting stuff against him with Spookie. Really we’re just going “pssssh cacheesh sssshhh psssssh shssshushssh” And he thinks we’re up to something. Well… Spookie really is planning stuff; but, Jordan and I have NOTHING to do with that! I promise. We told Spookie he was on his own and that if the cops came asking… we were throwing him under the bus and he can go live outside on the hard rock instead of in a home with plush couches and free food. And since he never leaves the house… dude’s not real good with cars and traffic. Spookie knows he wouldn’t survive out there, so he’s backed off some of his crazier plans that he had originally proposed during our brainstorm sessions. You see, the truth of the matter is that Jordan and I could never do anything to Daddy while Mommy is gone. A) That would make Mommy REALLY sad, and who wants to make Mommy sad? Well… maybe Spookie; but, I digress. B) Who would help 1) get us snacks, 2) help us turn on the tv to watch our favorite shows, and 3) drive us to school and Chik-fil-A? Granted, we can handle 2 out of the 3; but, that driving thing is REALLY holding us back!

Hey Cameron! Me and Jordan at Chik-fil-A (March 2012)

It’s really taking me a long time to get back to what I was trying to get back to and say; but, couldn’t say cuz other things kept getting in the way that I had to tell you about. Forgive me. I’m FOUR. Anyway, so the point of my story about special treats occurred during “KIDWATCH 2012”. Daddy set forth a challenge. Whoever can go through dinner without talking… gets MARSHMALLOWS. I really thought he’d lost his mind. That’s it? Be quiet through dinner and I get marshmallows? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Or as the older kids say… LOL. Jordan only lasted about 17 seconds. Me? I would have stayed quiet for 2 days, done the dishes, vacuumed the entire house and sang the national anthem for marshmallows. So, if you haven’t seen it… we made him video tape it so there was evidence for Mommy and/or the police in case he tried to brew us over and not give us the marshmallows.

Life has been good. Pretty cool and fun. Nothing dramatic that I can think of. Oh wait! Last week I thought I had a baby in my tummy! I think they call it being pregnant. Mommy says I can’t get pregnant. Probably because I’m only 4 and you have to be a grown up to be pregnant. Anyway, I had this really bad tummy ache that came on suddenly. I was pretending to make some food for Daddy, and then WHAM! The pain hit me. Well… you can watch the video and see what I’m talking about:

Oh man… my apologies to the ladies for not sending out a Valentine’s Day greeting to you all in February. Not sure what I was thinking. I’m like a cat with 9 lives. I have no idea what that means. I’m 4. Not too good with the analogies and apologies (yet); but, Jordan and I did put together a sweet video for Mommy on Valentine’s Day where we sang Feliz Navidad.

Speaking of Mommy… I’m going to do something that has NEVER been attempted or done before on the Hey Cameron! blog . I think that means the same thing. Nevertheless, I am going to award not ONE… not TWO… but THREE awards to the same person! That’s right folks! The “…Are You Kidding Me?”, “Family Member of the Month”, and “Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising” awards to the SAME person. That person is none other than… Oprah! No, just kidding. That person is MOMMY (aka Anna Seaberg Cooke).

Cameron - Mommy - Jordan - March 2012

And here’s why… At the beginning of 2012, Mommy set a goal to complete a marathon with a group called Team in Training (TNT) as part of a fundraising effort benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). That’s 26.2 miles! I don’t even like to be in a CAR for 26.2 miles, unless I’m visiting Shamu at Sea World San Antonio, or driving to China (the one in Asia) to see dragons and ninjas. And I don’t even have to drive. I just sit there in my car seat and get sleepy. WOW! “…Are You Kidding Me?”. So far, she is up to 14 miles (as of 3/24/12). Jordan, Daddy and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Granted, this means Jordan and I have been spending more bonding time than anticipated with Daddy; but, I’m really starting to enjoy our Saturday morning breakfast rituals at 620 Cafe, Kerbey Lane, and 1431 Cafe. Sometimes our friend Howard goes with us. A few weeks ago, Aunt P came in town, and joined us along with Grandma and Grandad Cooke. This past Saturday, Grandma Cooke rolled with us… And then we went to Target so I could get some pajamas and Daddy needed underarm deodorant and toothpaste. But, you probably don’t really care about that. Sorry.

Hey Cameron! "Pancakes and Bacon" at 620 Cafe - March 2012

You know what? Restaurants could save their patrons a lot of time and anguish mulling over “what should I eat for breakfast?” if the menu had just two things… Pancakes. Bacon. Once I get some money, can drive a car, and learn how to cook, I’m starting my own 24hr breakfast restaurant called “Pancakes. Bacon.”. Cuz everything’s better with bacon! I heard Daddy say that the other day, and as I was about to clown him for saying something so stupid, I quickly realized he was right! Everything IS better with bacon. Except maybe ice cream… or pizza. No, I’m wrong again. Pizza IS better with bacon. Please don’t let him know I think he’s a genius.

Hey Cameron! Jordan - Daddy - Me - March 2012

There we are… stuffing our faces with pancakes and bacon at 620 Cafe, while watching Jordan dangle his shirt sleeve in the maple syrup. Meanwhile, Mommy is out training for a marathon. Once again, “…Are You Kidding Me?”. She is DEFINITELY an inspiration to us (her family) and so many others. For that alone, she gets “Family Member of the Month”. Plus, she makes wicked awesome Mommy Macaroni & Cheese and gives great hugs. Daddy didn’t stand a chance in the running for “Family Member of the Month”; however, since I just started my Spring 2012 YMCA Soccer season, dude (aka Daddy) bought me a goal to practice shooting in the back yard… instead of the living room. He “almost” got the award for that alone.

Naturally, he said something stupid (as expected). What did he say? Oh yeah… If I work really hard and continue to love soccer, one day I could get paid to play soccer as a professional. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! You’re laughing too, right? And I suppose that all the Shamu and dolphin trainers get paid to hang out at Sea World too? ha ha ha ha! Or how about the people who have songs on the radio. I assume Daddy thinks they get paid to write and play music too? Next he’ll be telling us that Astronauts get paid to go to the moon and outer space. Whatever. Doesn’t matter anyway. Jordan and I gave each other high five’s knowing that we had made the right decision to award Mommy the Hey Cameron! SPRING 2012 “Family Member of the Month”.

Hey Cameron! I've got the moves like Jagger!

Speaking of FAMILY… We spent the night at Uncle Eric & Aunt Linda’s house on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) with our cousins Sophia and Byron. Mommy and Daddy were off at La Cantera Resort in the San Antonio Texas Hill Country “getting a break”. So get this… the jokes on them, because WE were the ones getting the break! Jordan and I hadn’t been that excited since Christmas. We went to the park, read stories, and the best part… got to wrestle Uncle Eric. it was a LOT of fun! We get to spend Easter Sunday with them and Grandma Seaberg, so cha-ching! Fun times AGAIN for the Cooke Boys!

I joke a lot on this blog. It’s what 4 year old’s do; but, Daddy was VERY sad a few weeks ago because one of his friends (Tonya) had gone to Heaven to stay with God. Personally, I think it sounds like a GREAT place; but, I’m only 4 and still trying to figure it all out. Tonya was a recipient of Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising a few months ago. Daddy says she lost her battle with Cancer. I don’t know this “Cancer” guy; but, he is a MEAN and horrible monster! I know we have a LOT of family members and friends that fought cancer. Too many to list right here in a blog; but, I overheard Daddy saying “Sometimes you have to slow down, take a moment, and look at ‘The Big Picture’. We all need to realize that tomorrow is never promised, so Love the people God gave you because He will need them back one day”.

Hey Cameron! "The Big Picture" - in honor of Grandad Seaberg

One of the people God needed back was my Grandad – Charles Seabergwho lost his battle to NHL – Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in August 1999. An opportunity to tell his story, raise awareness, and generate vital funds to help others who face and fight cancer. This is why Mommy runs. This is why, it is my honor and privilege to announce Cameron’s Shameless Free Advertising recipient for SPRING 2012 is…

Team in Training - Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

TEAM IN TRAINING is an amazing organization benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society‘s mission to help find cures, more effective treatments for blood cancers, and to increase the quality of life for patients as they undergo treatments.

Team in Training - North Team - Austin, TX

To learn more about TEAM IN TRAINING and/or make a DONATION, please go to Anna Seaberg Cooke’s Fundraising Page at:

Anna Cooke - Team in Training - March 2012

By making a DONATION, you will be helping Anna accomplish one of her lifetime goals of completing a FULL marathon (26.2 miles) while raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for blood related cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma.

Anna will be participating in the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – June 3rd, 2012:

Crazy Running Girls - 26.2 miles... or bust!

Thank you in advance for helping Anna with her mission, and for giving to others!

Hey Cameron! Jordan - Daddy - Cameron - Feb 2012

Something else that is exciting… Me, Jordan and Daddy are going to San Diego, California to support Mommy when she runs the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on June 3rd. We’ll be there for almost a week. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about anything in my entire life! Sea World (apparently Shamu lives in San Diego too), and then the San Diego Zoo, plus the beach, and as a special bonus… our friends Doug & Loretta Campbell are coming down from Ventura, California to hang with us. Woo! Hoo! It’ll be grrrrrrrrrreat! And don’t even think about robbing us. We have an attack cat. He’s not called Spookie for nothin’!

Hey Cameron! Me and Jordan w/our "Attack Cat" Spookie

Speaking of “ATTACK”. Jordan has been waking everybody up every morning. Then he jumps on Daddy and yells “Attack! Attack!”. Jordan’s funny. He talks funny too. Mommy and Daddy say that I talked funny when I was 2; but, I truly doubt that. This is coming from a guy who claims he had to watch tv commercials when he was a kid (due to the absence of a DVR) and that there was no such thing as cell phones, Facebook, iTunes, Google or Twitter when he was my age. Yeah right!

Hey Cameron! The Cooke Boys - March 2012

So riddle me this Father… How did people look up information they needed, listen to music, or talk to one another? I can actually understand Jordan. Must be my superior communication skills; but, Mommy and Daddy… sometimes they just scratch their heads and look like a deer in headlights. When he starts his conversations and we don’t know what he’s saying, we call them “JORDANISMS”.

Brother Jordan - Feb 2012

Here are a few “JORDANISMS”:

1) Ah-tee-Sos Daddy… Ah-tee-Sos! –>

Daddy: What’s that Jordan? You want some applesauce?

Jordan: Noooooooo… Ah-tee-sos Daddy! Ah-tee-sos!

Daddy:  Talk to me son! What happened? Timmy fell in the well?

Jordan: Nooooooo Daddy! Ah-tee-sos!

Translation: “I’ll get my socks Daddy”. Dude has an issue of constantly putting on and taking off his shoes and socks. I don’t get it. Weirdo.

Hey Cameron! Batman & Superman Socks ROCK!

2) No-No-No-No-No-Thank You –> Translation: I’m being very polite about it; but, I’m tellin’ you… NO! it’s NOT gonna happen!

3) Hi Da-Da! Hi Da-Da! Hi Gam-ma! Hi Gam-ma! –> Translation: “Hi Grandad! Hi Grandad! Hi Grandma! Hi Grandma!” I don’t know why Jordan has to say everything 2 times. We all heard you the first time! Geez!

Hey Cameron! Me and Jordan at Chik-fil-A

4) I-DEW-IT! –> Translation: Jordan’s actually saying “I’ll do it!”. Even things he can’t do he says “I-DEW-IT!”… like drive a car, bake a pie, or reach the top shelf of the refrigerator, over and over he still says “I-DEW-IT!”. And what’s up with the phrase “as simple as baking a pie”? It’s NOT simple. Trust me… I’ve tried.

Jordan the SHAMU and dolphin trainer

5) Sorry Cameron –> Translation: “Sorry Cameron”. That one seems like it would be simple. It’s the fact that he usually says it after he’s kicked me in the head. Pushed me into a wall. Or… what makes it strange is that he says it after I’ve kicked HIM in the head… or pushed HIM into the wall. He says it for everything. Sometimes I’ll do something wrong and Mommy will yell “Why are there pretzels all over the kitchen floor?” and Jordan will automatically say “Sorry Cameron”. His problem is that he’s a terrible liar. Me on the other hand… I’m GREAT at lying. Wait… no I’m not. I’m a terrible liar too. I never lie.

Hey Cameron! Cheeeeeeese!

Enough about Jordan. Let’s get back to the rest of the family! I’m starting a new segment called “Cooke Family Road Trips”. It will primarily be about Cooke Family Road Trips. What can I say… I tell it like it is. Anyway, just recently – March 25th – we went on our first SPRING Cooke Family Road Trip to a place called Gruene, Texas. It’s spelled all weird; but, it’s pronounced GREEN… like the color. I’m still working on my understanding of time and space, so not sure how far it is from Austin, or how long it took us to get there. But, the drive was very beautiful.

Hey Cameron! Me and Jordan at The Gristmill in Gruene, TX

This time of year in Texas, the bluebonnets and Texas wildflowers bloom all along the Texas Hill Country highways. Daddy said he despises I-35 Interstate Hwy, so we got to see all the flowers on the back country roads. There were a LOT of motorcycles – mainly Harley Davidson’s riding around. I would like to have one. Mommy said “Over my dead body!”. We LOVE Mommy VERY much, and don’t want to see that, so I will substitute my Radio Flyer Big Wheel Racer as my Harley (for the time being).

Hey Cameron! The Radio Flyer Big Wheel Racer - almost a Harley

Hey Cameron! Out for a drive in the neighborhood - March 2012

When we got to Gruene, it was quite evident where the motorcycles were going. They were all heading to the Gruene General Store and Cotton Eyed Joe’s. Gruene is a very quaint Texas town with a beautiful historic district, highlighted by THE oldest dance hall in Texas – Gruene Hall. Right next door, we went to eat at a place called Gruene Gristmill Restaurant<